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Shit just got real. Final Chapter Edition.
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>Final Chapter Edition
did I miss something?

At least now we know why this is called Happiness.
Since it's Oshimi, I genuinely expected for Okazaki to never show up again. The author's just that crazy enough of a dude.
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As in the worst among those with an awful story and are un-sexy.
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Prison School, both the anime and the manga.
I've watched plenty of them, but I can't really pin down one that was egregiously bad. They all kind of blur together in my mind. I guess that's bad in its own way
1- Seikon no quaser
2 - Makenki
3 - That series about that kunoichi with cowtits
4 - valkirya mermaid
5 - Triage X
6 - High School dxd
7 - Sora no Otoshimono
8 - HOTD

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netero vs meruem.webm
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Was this a good fight?
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I think so.
It was okay
Very overrated.

It's Flag Day in the US! Show your patriotism!
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Was she misunderstood?
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No, she was a bitchy queen consort who didn't give a fuck about the common people.
she was just sheltered though

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I don't know much about anime so I decided to watch this since it's regarded as the best of all time. I've watched the first 10 episodes or so and until now it just seems like the generic godzilla/sentai type shit with giant kaiju/robots battling with ridiculous moves amidst skyscrapers but in cartoon form.
Does it get any better?

Is this really the best thing japanese cartoons have to offer? It's not like I was expecting some super deep story or anything, since I really like the ghibli films I was just expecting more of an engrossing fantasy world.
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Watch it all the way through

BTW: gtfo normie
Trust me, it gets better.

You can't really appreciate evangelion until once you finish all 26 episodes and EoE
Ignore everyone and go watch Gintama instead.

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Post a pic and others have to guess whether it comes from an ero or regular manga.
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Is this yuri?
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Holy shit this was hype as fuck. I think Toei can pull this off.
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Is that mecha shibari?
What's with all of those lines on Mazinger? Why do that? It looks awful.

is he homosexual?
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Is it gay to like tomboys but not traps?
Let me tell you something, anon
It's NOT gay to feel attracted to cute feminine traps, because you're attracted to their femininity. However it's ABSOLUTELY GAY to have sex with traps. Let me deconstruct the layers of a traps 4 you
>If it's a man on genetic level (which means it can't be altered) then it's gay no matter how many dicks he chopped off
>If it's a woman on a genetic level but she baka got a p0n0s, it's gay, since she has a p0n0s
>If it's a woman on a genetic level, she has no p0n0s and she acts like a man, it's NOT gay to fuck her

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ITT anime characters with similar backstories to you

>was working
>traumatic event caused him to drop out
>became a shut in neet from depression and PTSD
>forced back into life by caretaker
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where is the :
>start working as teacher
>cute students get crush on you

Seems like you have NOTHING in common with said Mc, go back to your Whisky Op!

there are plenty of shut in neet anons
>current life

Do you not know what a backstory is? Fucking Nintendrones man.

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> Huntards will defend this.
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wtf are you saying bitch?
They'll defend any negative aspect of their overrated average shounen series because they like to think that it's different and deep.

This must be the worst final form ever animated, holy shit
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That show is hilariously bad. Crazy how much you can fuck up fanservice and the "fights". What's a shame is a second season is possible when something else would greater deserve it.
They pulled a madoka ending, how is s2 possible
Promised more islands. Kind of obligated despite it not making much money.

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Has Fate gone too far?
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Unless its a Fate JAV then no-one cares. Post servants you could beat in a fist fight ITT.
Fate went too far in its first installment. In every subsequent installment "Fate" is actually a step back. Therefore, everything that comes after the very first route of the very first installment is gradually less shit than "Fate".
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>Post servants you could beat in a fist fight ITT.

These two are assholes.
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Yep, Less apeface though. The major is a bit contentious and smug for the sake of keikakus.
I'm still mad
At what

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I am victim. Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place. As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality.
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>worst nightmare doesn't involve dying
Was it gud?

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