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Why do normalfags like Aria but not other cute girls do nothing shows?
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Aria is so good even normalfags like it.
Aria is so bad even normalfags like it.
Pick the one you like.
That applies to K-On as well.
K-On! is highly divisive. Most anyone would agree that Aria is good.

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ITT: come up with an interesting and original Nen ability that isn't broken.
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Anything can be broken.
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Manipulator. Contract, can only use it on one person. The ability to make Killua my sex slave forever.
Yeah, but if it's an inventive ability then it's actually cool.
However, generic shit, when taken to a high level, is almost always boring.

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Would you bring this dragon ex-goddess to meet your folks?
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They'd probably be concerned that some random grown-ass lady is hanging out with their shota son all the time.

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So I started watching this, and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Shion now.
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You should love all of them anon, they're all great.
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Only Shion and Megumin are good. Rest heroines are shit and anime itself is shit.

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Kyon is god, not Haruhi.
>doesn't want to be the center of attention so he projects himself into Haruhi
>every supernatural entity that he mentioned wanting to meet shows up
>"God" isn't him but a cute girl that shows an inexplicable interest in him
>has crazy adventures and life/death scenarios but is always rescued in the end
this is why none of the entities ever reveal themselves to Haruhi, if she were God they would, but they reveal themselves to Kyon.
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Seems legit
So god forgot living 15000 weeks, such omnipotence
Well to be fair kyon has been shown to be an unreliable narrator. He has also been shown to know of future events

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When did /a/ realize that Japanese voices aren't always a good thing?
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Waiting for you to post an example
Men should sound like men.

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She isn't even looking down that scope. In fact, the rear lid seems to be still on. How is she gonna hit anyone?
This show was shit and even more of a shameless pandering wish fulfillment fest than Eromanga.
God I hate this shit series so much. The mc is in a guild that just happens to be filled with cute girls while my guild just happens to be filled with married toasties and over the hill strippers

When will they get the anime they deserve?
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Probably never. The manga is soooo good compared to the shity anime they made and they probably won't do shit with it anymore. Rip R+V...
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Manga ending is shit. No thank you.

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Who is this enigmatic empress?
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Princess Covfefe
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She looks like a brainlet

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ITT: Times when you couldn't decide which girl was best girl
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You're not even close
meryl by far
Wulfwood and Milly made a good couple though ;_;

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What's the best media player to watch anime on /a/?
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Whatever but don't use VLC for 1080p.

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People really think the tournament arc in this is even top 5 in the battle shounen genre?

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I can see why anime only fans might say it but I think it might be the weakest part in the manga possibly.
I would say it's legitimately one of the worst done tournament arcs in shounen manga. Like, the whole Todoroki Deku fight that people jizzed over when it came out is the most generic nonsensical "MC changes the perception of his enemy by saying basic shit" I've ever seen. There's no pacing or buildup and it doesn't even make any sense. If Deku saying that garbage is able to effect Todoroki at all him being so hung up so many years after the event in the first place is ridiculous.
>most generic nonsensical "MC changes the perception of his enemy by saying basic shit"

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Vegeta is a _________
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Character that has received some of the most dynamic development in his series.
Great dad.
jobber for life.

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Gilgamesh should've been a female in Fate.

Her personality would be like an elder sister with a ruling fist.

Debate me fuckers.
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It's just too good to be true OP ;_;
In your dreams amigo. If Gil was female who the fuck would be the bad guy trying to snatch Arthur away from our MC?
They could go the Fate/Prototype route but instead with yandere Gil obsessing after our boy Arthur.

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WTF? aren't they both like, 14 years old or something?
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You'd think he'd want to fuck her after realizing just how short his life could prove to be at any moment.
Yes, and?
So if she gets pregnant then she's having a baby before she's 15 and that's pretty fucked up.

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