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>mixing coffee with green tea

Has anyone ever tried this?
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Cocoa is for Chino!

Chino is littlesister-zoned

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Previous thread:

Garoufags BTFO
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>putting previous threads
Cancerous cunt.
Is ONE still uploading opm stuff? the galaxyheavyblow website is stuck on the chapter 109 for ages now
He's about to finish Mob Psycho so I assume OPM resumes after that

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>mangaka is selling his work on patreon for 5 shekels a month

I don't know what to think about it, is this the end of scanlations?
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jin comparison.png
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Can you tell which is the """official""" translation?
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>It's an isekai
Great series, wouldn't mind more mangaka picking up this model
Is the translation decent?

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Truck-Kun just killed your favorite character from the last anime you watched or manga you read. How do things change?
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Marine isn't a major character so probably nothing.
How the fuck did a truck get in Venice
It was islamic truck-kun

But what about SSGSS Blue Vegito?
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>can't beat saitama
>can use hakai
something doesn't seem right here
If Golden Freeza can resist hakai, so can Saitama.
He has a meta power to beat anyone. All powerlevel threads are meaningless at this point (not that they ever make much sense). I think we have a Dies Irae thread up, you will fit right in with other meta-powers shitposters.

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Chapter's out.
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not this week's cover.jpg
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Weekly Shonen Jump #30

My Hero Academia (Cover, Lead CP)
Kimetsu no Yaiba
The Promised Neverland
Hunter x Hunter (CP)
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma
Cross Account (CP)
Dr. Stone
Misteria -Kaiki Collection- (CP, One Shot)
Black Clover
Spring Weapon No. 1
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Hinomaru Zumou
We Never Learn
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Robot x Laserbeam
Hungry Marie
Isobe Isobee Monogatari ~Ukiyo wa Tsurai yo~

Absent: One Piece

Weekly Shonen Jump #31
Lead CP: Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
CP: Food Wars!, The Promised Neverland, Dr. Stone
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>The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
God fucking dammit

Not so soon after Samon
Pure rank

01 Kimetsu c.060
02 Neverland c.037
03 Soma c.213
04 Dr.Stone c.009
05 Haikyu c.252
06 Black Clover c.108
07 No.01 c.027
08 Yuna c.061
09 Gintama c.633
10 Hinomaru c.143
11 Bokuben c.013
12 Saiki c.242
13 Robot c.007
14 Marie c.010
It's safe at least until the second season and live-action movie release

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes gets an official sub: https://www.hidive.com/tv/legend-of-the-galactic-heroes, http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/06/20/anime-streaming-service-hidive-launches-with-legend-of-galactic-heroes

The first four episodes are online, and the next four are available June 22, 2017. After that, there will be three new episodes per week until February 2018.
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i wonder how they will translate the racist yang scene
Oberstein a shit
Oh great. Can't wait for more "Through the dark lord Amen."

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I now like cars
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I started reading about cars just to understand Intial D fully.
Always liked cars tho.
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I started studying boxing after I finished Ippo and I've been taking beginners classes for two weeks now.
I think most shows here changed people to be gay.

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Why are delinquents the best?
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rina and takumi sleepover.jpg
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Because they end up having a heart of gold and gap moe is attractive.
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There isn't enough sukeban manga
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Woop woop
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[Title: I'm curious about about that girl]

Takase Haruhiko
Year 2 class 1: Soccer club
He likes Kanda-san. And he can't take the next step,
Kanda Saki
Year 2 Class 1 Soft Tennis Club
She likes Takase-kun. And she can't take the next step.

I think I'm getting along with
The guy I like now.
"You suck at sweeping"

"Same goes for you"
"Make sure to get the dust there!!"
"I can't match your movements!!"

It's fun when we're talking normally
It's fun when we fight
[Side] We aren't matching at all!!
[Side] Well because you suck!!
I'm sure Takase also likes...

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"You need something...?"
"Got a minute?"

Oh yeah, Himemiya-san
Also likes Takase-kun.
I wonder what he thinks
About Himemiya...

This is fine, right!?
Just as I saw
We have the better jive...

What're they whispering about...
Sorry for the wait!!
Let's finish cleaning up, okay!?

I can ask, right...?
We're... like...
"What did..."
"Himemiya-san want?"

"Nothing much?"

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meme girls.jpg
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Who was the best meme girl of the last season?
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Kanna, Battle Loli, and Megameme

the rest - literally who?
Hikari > Tanya > Megumeme > Kanna > Serval >>>>>>>> Shitania
Serval is certainly the most famous by far.

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>Shinkai has been unanimously decided as Miyazaki's successor

Eat your heart out, Yamada.
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Did your mom choose him?
What? Is this grade school?
What? The go-to candidates for "next MiyazakI" buzzword for the last decade+ have been Shinkai and Hosoda.

Can i get a flowchart or what order to watch the idolmaster series?
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it doesn't matter

they're not related

use your dick
okay then, whats the best series out of all of em?

>hating your child for being an underachiever
>making children go through entrance tests for ELEMENTARY school in the first place

What the fuck is wrong with Japan?
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They're still a superstitious country that is incapable of fully grasping the concept of causality.
>not testing your kids at an early age
>not wanting kids to be educated based on their potential

Why the fuck do you hate achievement?
Here in American private schools have entrance tests as well.
It's normal for parents to push their kids too hard outside of Japan as well.

Why are these threads always so retarded?

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