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Anime panties are a miracle of the universe.
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Yeah but more importantly I can not sleep. It is too warm. What should i do?

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Favorite episode?
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not that one

>nothing happens: the anime
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Doomed little town story ark from second season. With that innocent kiddo. I hoped they'd take him in team, honestly. Or episode where mother sacrificed herself to prevent daughter from using the doll.

Did I just get cucked?
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Cucked out of a good ending
Don't tell me that fat fuck is still there by the end
I'm sorry

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So where do I go from here now that there is no after story or sequel? Is the novel worth reading?
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Yes then fap to the doujins
I bet you refreshed this post thinking it'd be helpful, but it isn't. Sorry.
Why would anyone sexualize this movie? Nothing sexual about it.

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Series you want to livewatch with /a/ again.
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Medaka Box. Only we read.
This needs to fucking happen

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Mashira Chapter 01
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Today's thread theme is: Everyday I'm shufflin'.
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Why doesn't he make anime if he hates the industry so much? All he did was make some feature length films. Yet complains about the anime industry he's not a part of. What gives?
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>anime movies
>not part of the industry
I don't want to be mean but you're pretty dumb, even if you're legit baiting, this is dumb.
You don't even know the man Anon.
The anime industry he complaining about he isn't influencing

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What's with top cute characters being absolute worst girl?
This needs to stop.
>pic related
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How is she even the worst?
That's not cakey

That's not Nanaka

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> 147 cm

Just imagine______
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is it time?
Yes, I'd like to manhandle that tiny body.
Kinda sad even she has bigger tits than Kaguya, though.
I can imagine I'm reading the new chapter right now.

I mean, I have to imagine because there is no new chapter.

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>OP/ED by Myth & Roid
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>OP/ED by Myth & Roid

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Hey there. I scanned Sumire 16-sai on a whim since Mandarake had it for 100 yen. If there's an editor who's interested in re-doing the series with better scans (the current scans are like 1000px), send me a message. If someone wants to TL-check it, that'd also be nice. Otherwise, the scans will just sit here. I also got the opening color pages from the magazine. If you haven't read Sumire 16, go read it already. It's only 5 volumes long. I'd dump it, but I don't have a pass and don't feel like buying one nowadays. I'm off to scan Yamakami Masatsuki's Tanuki Man.

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Sumire is a great read
What about 17?
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>fate/extra adaption with male hakuno and Sabeh clone duo

Wow so original. Never have I seen that before. Astounding such creativity. Oh rins also there? Maginficent
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>Oh rins also there? Maginficent
What does this have to do with the rest of your complaint?
Male Hakuno and Nero were stupid choices but Rin is always there
fem hakuno will be a NPC with Archer, so I'm fine
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>TYPE MOON and SHAFT passing up a chance to self-insert otaku with a Saberface for easy shekels

welcome to business 101. To be fair you can't go wrong with extra. All characters are highly engineered waifu products

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What the fuck is wrong with japanese pizzas?
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It's the closest to genuine Italian pizza you can get outside of Italia
Basically nothing, really. Maybe a little strange on toppings sometimes.
>implying japanese pizza arent more genuine than Italian one
Do you even weeb bro?

So what's the point of adding this character ?
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Fanservice and to sell toys

I think Anno had a plan for her but like most of his plans, he abandoned it.
An easy way of detecting shit taste is if someone thinks of the three major Eva girls as Rei/Asuka/Mari rather than Rei/Asuka/Misato.

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