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Why was this so much better than Cowboy Bebop?
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How delusional can you be? It doesn't even come close.
that fucking brothel escape scene with counting stars. one of the best episodes of any show.
cause it has an actual story? cowboys story doesnt come until like the last 3-4 episodes.

Asking this out of curiosity, because it would be great to see other wings as well. (This is my first time, please be gentle.)
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I don't know and I don't even care as long as I get Witches.
I'm hoping for another 502nd anime, but wouldn't be too surprised if they go for the 506th given the recent LNs.
Also this >>158709031
Did Brave Witches sell well? I regret not waiting for the BD release

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So why doesn't she just get a boyfriend?
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Oneechans do not work that way, anon.
MC's are too weak to date.
She's trying

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>It never ends
>the ending is rushed and fucks up all the established plot.
>"deep" ending that says nothing
>the author makes the finale a big fuck you to the audience.

what are some anime that actually have a good, fulfilling end?
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Fullmetal Alchemist

How do you guys deal with void in your heart due to the fact that you will never be able to take Minami to the Koushien?
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By reading better Adachi manga
I assume you're referring to Cross Game or H2 both of which I thought were a little worse than Touch

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What's the appeal of confused anime girls?
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I find them relatable as I am also usually confused.
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They make funny faces
interrogation marks

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Name a more pure girl
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Is this the most epic theme song ever?
Its sad,emotional,spiritual, powerful.
It makes me think about life and everything.
I can listen to it on loop forever.
What kind of man with god voice is singing this?

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im crying

That song is more embarrassing than the current state of the anime
whaaat? why? the song is perfect

How do we stop old hags from taking over anime?
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Marry them so they leave the MCs alone.

Why would we want to do this?

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I don't get the appeal. Do you guys all just wish you were little girls in animeland?
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Beats wishing you were dead.
>Beats wishing you were dead.
You don't wish you were dead?
>He's not a little anime girl.

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What was his fucking problem?
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Living the Chad life that he hates
If he hates it so much why does he keep hanging around other Chads and sluts? It looked like another "woe is me" angsty teen, moreso than 8man who accepted his condition.
I want to kill this fucking cunt

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What was his problem?
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>What was his problem?
He wasn't half as popular as King.
Do animals get assimilated into the humanity hivemind during Third Impact too? Or did PenPen just fucking die?
Akua beat him up

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If not, here's my personal watch order for GiTS (descending order.) Separated into the 3 continuities it has. I recommend the Anime to anyone who likes Cyberpunk, Philosophy, Crime, Thriller, or any of those kinds of genres.

Original GiTS Continuity.
1: GiTS 1995
2: GiTS 2: Innocence
Optional: GiTS 2.0, 1995 but with new graphics

GiTS Arise Contunuity.
1: Arise Border 1
2: Arise Border 2
3: Arise Border 3
4: Arise Border 4
5: GiTS 2015
(Optional) Anime Version: Alternative-Architecture

GiTS Standalone Complex Continuity.
2: GiTS SAC 2nd GIG
3: GiTS SAC Solid State Society

I recommend Kissanime for those like me who have 0 money for something like Crunchyroll.
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watching 2017 version is a good start?
Haha no. 2017 is mediocre and hardly represents Ghost in the shell.
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>this whole post
Reminder to sage and report.

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>midiocre manga
>bad games
>horrible anime

Is this the legacy of Berserk? How it will be remembered.
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>how can you have non-popular opinion, u must be trolling

Nice Reddit post.

The game is repetitive trash. The anime is one of the the worst in the industry on technical level alone. The manga is pure mediocrity for almost 20 years now, shonen level for stupid people.
People just want this shitshow to end.
Expect it to be forgotten right after it finally ends.

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Why do the Oscars always ignore anime movies that aren't by Ghibli?
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that article about the academy judges talking about the animation nominees.html
Because they're all shit.
Because they only dole out awards to movies made by NIGGERS or the JEWS!!!

Because the anime produced by studios/directors that aren't Ghibli is of a significantly lower standard. Fuck off.

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