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History of Trunks/Bardock the Father of Goku Double Feature

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Both of those releases are shit, since its the Funimation's oversaturated releases with aggressive DNR (Digital Noise Removal) and jacked up contrast.
You'd generally want to track down Dragon Box version, preferably based on JP release since it has higher bitrate and thus higher quality.
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What are the best releases for the series/movies/specials? I got the DBNL years ago, but I'm always told they're shit because >Americans.
I hear Utskushii-Raws are good, but they died part way through.
DBNL are absolutely awful, low bitrate, shit codec (DivX lol) and even more aggressive DNR than Funimation. At least they didn't fuck with colors and contrast so they're better than Funishit in that regard.

Utskushii is based on JP Dragon Boxes so absolutely the best you can get, but the faggot dropped it around the start of Boo Saga for no reason.

Honestly you should just get Kai because the amount of filler in DBZ is cancerous and personally I can't ever go back to Z after experiencing Kai.
The DVD, but only if you're an absolute madman
Why's that?
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The best thing Funimation has ever done.
The vocals are fucking awful, but I have a soft spot for the track anyway.
What about the movies, are the BD re-releases actually better than the DVDs, or just shit upscales? And what groups are even good?


The movies are the same as their Bluray DBZ release minus aggressive DNR. Like I said, avoid Funimation-based shit since it's flat out garbage with exception of Dragon Box which is also just a flat out worse version of Japanese Dragon Box since Funijews wanted to squeeze as many episodes as possible on one Disc so bitrate is shit compared to JP.

There actually isn't a good DB and DBZ encode around. There is a great GT encode floating around but it's work-in-progress by "GTeam".
Utskushii did all the movies to my knowledge so at least you have that for the movies.

For the series just go with DB Recut and DB Kai precisely due to lack of good DB and DBZ encodes and the fact Recut and Kai remove filler.
>Utskushii did all the movies
Just checked and they did them all upto BoG, too bad their wordpress links to nyaa.se

I like the full old DB/Z/GT, so the best current versions are utsukushiiraws for DB/DBZ(to 171)/Movies and GTeam for GT, but everything is shit for the rest of Z and random other specials?
Just type Utskushii-Raws on Nazi (Nyaa.si) and you should find it.

Super, BoG and RoF have better encodes because they're modern so you can grab whatever for those really as long as it isn't some YIFY-tier encode with 1GB filesize.

For BoG and RoF just get the [RH] (RickyHorror) releases, and for Super grab OGG (OneGuyGroup) for its BDs and HorribleSubs for TV ongoing obviously.

As for other specials, the only other specials that are notable are the Episode of Bardock (where Bardock goes SSJ and becomes the first SSJ of Legend, dumb as shit), remake of the Hatchiyack OVA (that removed half the material from original, and the original OVA only has VHS releases so all encodes will look like trash because the source is trash) and Yo Son Goku and His Friends Return OVA which actually has a good anonymous encode here:
I already got Philosophy-Raws for BoG and RoF, for SSJ Bardock there is only a 720p TV release or 480p Utskushii DVD release, and I got the DVD already. Is that version of Yo! Son Goku better then the Utskushii version?
I was using DragonTeam for super BDs, then they died.
I never saw Utskushii one but the one I linked is fine.
Dragon Team is garbage.
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