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Childhood is when you idolize Kenshin. Adulthood is when you realize Shishio made more sense.
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Both were retarded.
Kenshin for not killing his enemies and Shishio not being able to fit into new society.
>I'm like a really really nice guy and killing is wrong but I also have a super edgy >dark side and I'm also the strongest by a powerlevel factor of 1.2

Himura sucks
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>Needs Oda's signature and words of praises/acknowledgement to sell

Jesus fuck, is Weekly Shonen Jump that dead to the point new series need to be shilled by veteran mangaka? Oda also did this for Boku no Hero Academia last year.
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>Oda also did this for Boku no Hero Academia last year
More like two and a half years ago. He literally just mentioned it in is SBS. There was no headlines for him to promote HeroAca because it was already selling out.
Toriko was also shilled to hell
>Oda also did this for Boku no Hero Academia last year.
Oda commented on the fact that the author of Boku no Hero has already submitted a drawing to the One Piece illustrations section, the fact that it has served as a promotion is more indirect than direct. Kimetsu and Neverland, on the other hand, were directly recommended by Togashi and Akimoto (and Oda). But, anyway, I find it more annoying Neverland get a CP every two weeks (when other series like Sesuji and Samon received almost none) than being recommended by famous authors (in fact, almost every magazine does this).

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Useless Bunny. Only good for her sex appeal.
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Tfw no season 2
A testament to her uselessness

The whole cast shared the spotlight and neither outshined the other.

That was one of the biggest appeals of the show, especially when Izaya was leagues above everyone in terms of raw power.

Hey, /a/nons, I'm thinking about watching Evangelion for the first time. Should I? If so, what am I in for?
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Mindfuck or something like that
Pay full attention so you understand what is going on
Disliked the anime. Loved the film.
Make sure you watch the directors cuts of the episodes that have them

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We're halfway through 2017 and Hibike Euphonium S2 is still the best anime of 2016
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I prefer Flip Flappers.
I mean, I wouldn't expect the best anime of the year to change retroactively once you've entered the next year
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You sure like your yuribait. Have you tried full yuri?

Name one thing he did wrong.
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lost to a kid lmao
Ditching leading the AEUG to run Neo Zeon.
Killing Garma

One Piece is shit compared to HunterxHunter
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It baffles the hell out of me that One Piece outsells everything.
Truly boggles the mind. It is probably because of uts appeal to children with its retarded art
HxH is not mature enough to be seinen
but it's not entertaining enough to be big in the shounen world either

so it's kinda fucked either way

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What does /a/ think of Edward?
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His ending made me mad
I'd stick it inside.
Yea his ending was really really shitty

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Let's express our love and gratitude towards the greatest troll in the manga industry.

Oh, and Bleach Thread, I guess.
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If Jump dispatcjed him earlier, he'd probably not hate mangs and would still ne drawing quirky one-shots once in a while.
Dude, he's already drawn two books. I'm sure he will be back and there are rumors about how he's working with Assassination Classroom's author in a Death Note/ Bakuman way.
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H-B Kubo, now get your ass back to drawing.

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How the fuck can anyone enjoy this?
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It's fun.
If you're insecure about yourself to the point where only a woman who loved you for being you and nothing else would please you and have undying loyalty towards you.

Perfect for NEETs, which is what this is pandering towards.
I did when I started watching anime. Guess now
By the way, does anyone knows how the VN ended?
My autism craves answers

I heard that new /a/ (< 18 years old) does not know about Haruhi. Is that true? Do you have forgotten/never known about the evangelion of masterpiece anime? It's kinda sad.
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It should be clear from how dead this thread is that /a/ has forgotten the best girl and the best god.
Haruhi is the Eva of SoL except Tanigawa couldn't be assed to make Rebuilds to milk the series and I hate him for that

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Looks disgusting, do people actually read this garbage?

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So what are the chances that all the similarities between these two are coincidental?
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What fucking similarities you spastic cunt?
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Pretty good. The movie wasn't even released in Japan, and even if it was it would've probably been overshadowed by Japan's Sky High.
Probably about as high as the rest of the similarities with every other popular battle shonen. The forced tournament arc right out the gate really solidified MHA as nothing more than generic uninspired garbage

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I started watched Love Live a few weeks ago not expecting anything but dumb moeshit. Literally was going in ironically.

I ended up breaking into tears twice in the second season, and at the last song in the movie. It's been a week since I've finished it and I still have that hollow feeling inside me, refusing to believe it's over. I keep coming back to their songs during the day too.

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it means you manime cucks are wrong and too afraid to find out you are wrong. this is what CGDCT does to you
Manime was a mistake. Now I feel emotions again.
Now start playing the Love Live mobile game.

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