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>Character has time-limited powers
>Suddenly stops working at a critical moment
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That's bad writing.
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>Nobody in the main cast dies
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>tsundere puches MC
>MC doesn't punch back

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I'll start off with an easy one.
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She never fucking appears.
That's up to ONE tho.
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For which anime character did you feel bad the most?
For me it was Mayu from Elfen Lied.

>sexually abused by step father
>physically abused by mother
>had to live on the streets
>treated like trash by everyone

Its like they tried to make a character as miserable as possible.
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I'm a self inserter. So myself.
>duuh, i like anime, therefore im a miserable piece of shit
the whole mango/anime was indeed made to be a tearjerker of the highest caliber. It's impossible to revisit once you are older, it's how bad EL is. Have fun crying over how stupid you were, eventually

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ITT Characters that were misunderstood and did nothing wrong or otherwise were forced to do so
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That crazy mahou shoujo from recreator
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I like Akane better than her. She smells better
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I guess you can say that after this point.

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is this the most underrated series this season?
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The most underrated anime is always what I am watching at that moment and not telling anyone about.
This show was aggressively and painfully boring.

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Who is the best pokéwaifu and why is it May?
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Well, she is the oldest out of the "company pokégirls",
and she has the biggest tits, thous she is the least pedophileic choice...
>not gardevoir
At least you didn't say Braixen...
No but seriously, I'm talking about the human girls here.

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Schierke smile.png
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Still does not make up for the shit animation
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a cute
It's time for Guts to turn her into a mother
I would do anything to protect that smile

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I need more pictures of wormslut
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I am the fin of my fish.

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Why are japanese middle schoolers such hussies?
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Because Japanese boys keep all the dicks to themselves.
You think that this scene was a joke but in reality it was a comment on the state of Japanese society and all the degeneracy that goes on. Japanese Highschool girls are often literal whores who date middle aged men for money.
But she's JC anon

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What's the deal with anime portraying men as cute-looking?
Is there an explanation to this?
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Women are taking over the Otaku market. I have no statistics to back it up, but I think this is what KyoAni's analytics department is seeing.

There is no other explanation for greenlighting Free and these other anime with emasculated "men".
Nobody likes looking at ugly people.
>other anime with emasculated "men".
Or maybe you're a retard that needs to watch more anime. Those 'emasculated "men"' can be witnessed in many harem shows, which are plainly not targeted at women.
Please lurk more.

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Draw your waifu and post results.
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I apologize in advance
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Better results when you color in the hair?

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>Hunter X Hunter
>Detective Conan
>Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

The only three series left that are healthy for your brain?
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Jojo is shit and the other 2 will never end. Not healthy at all
Why would you think that?
Too much shonen-shit?
Nah, too much edgyshit and moe slice of life shit.

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What was this guy's name again? Tsukasa "My sister, I want to fist her" Fushimi or something?
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Tsukasa "I only nut if she's related by blood" Fushimi
Tsukasa "I see imouto, my nut I shall blow" Fushimi
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How can such an ugly motherfucker have such cute ideas?

Are you excited for Studio Ponoc's first film?
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Is this by the studio that made Ronja and will it be in CGshit?
They didn't make that.
It's a new studio made with animators who formerly worked with Studio Ghibli, so its style is similar to those movies. Not CGshit.
I'm excited for those eyebrows.
Disappointing that they aren't even pretending to not copy Ghibli style, though.

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what is her appeal?
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She's a cute shortstack with a delicious meme outfit, it's as simple as that.
her smelly anus
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