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So we can all agree that Light wrote into the Note that Naomi would

- slowly walk away
- forget about the investigation
- move on from Raye
- live her entire remaining lifespan to the fullest, learning new stuff and do all the things she always wanted to do
- start a family with someone that she loves and who loves her just as much
- be a wonderful mother with kids that respect and love her and all that good stuff

before dying in the last seconds of her lifespan to a heart attack. Smiling, happy knowing everything will be alright.

I mean it is kinda obvious...
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Didn't the Death Note have a limit of like 23 days to take affect?
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knowing how pety is Light probably wrote

"feeling devastaded by her husband death she tries to fill the void with plesures of all kind until she realizes its not worth it and hangs herself leaving no traces of her existence behind"
Holy shit that sounds pretty nice

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I would love a spin off slice of life or something with just anya, now that would be pretty damn cool
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I'd love for her to bear my children.

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>Literally everyone across the globe loves his films and recognize him as the greatest director
>/a/ does not
What went wrong?
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Hayao "I love little girls" Miyazaki
You literally contradict yourself, OP.
Hayao "I get mad when someone else puts a little girl as the main character" Miyazaki

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Any other fans here?
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My screensaver
Wasn't a big fan of Last Order, but the original was fantastic. Haven't followed Mars Chronicles at all.
Original: Great, the ending is a bit rushed and the philosophy occasionally is really pretentious, but those are small flaws
Last Order: Has some geniunely good bits here and there but mostly shit and 2edgy4me
Mars Chronicles: 256edgy512me

It’s almost like the author has some slowly progresing neurodegenerative disease, or he feels like he’s too cool for an editor.

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post em
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She couldn't beat the cock.
>really violent henti
but not at the same time (idk why)
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Finished. Came

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How long until inevitable anime?
Nostalgia reminder:
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how did they make a sequel? everyone died. please no, not a story about kids folowing the circle of killing/revenge my heart can't take it.
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I have sorry to tell you anon, but...
fuck, this is goign to be even more depressing I bet.

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Do you suppose Kubo is ever going to get work again? Bleach has been over for almost a year now. Active mangaka don't let that kind of time lapse without starting up something new typically, do they?
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He's a fashion designer now.
For real? I mean, that was always the joke, but that would be neat, I suppose.
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He's doing well in gay porn.

What would have changed if Shirou had summoned her in Stay Night?
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>two Sakuras
nobody would care about F/SN
She would only be useful for knowing each Servant's identity and weaknesses.
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Better backstory and personality.

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Did you cry /a/non?
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I almost did, but I hope she will be back in LN. I have no idea how bad is it there though.
nope. just upset
I still wonder why she had to die. Also what happened to Willem and the other girl? Did they both die too?

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Hq pics are here, miura did it hand drawn
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He added another loli damnit Miura
I feel like he should just start drawing lolis porn, he'd probably be happier

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Why does it like cheese?
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I don't know why don't you taste it?
Who doesn't like cheese?
The lactose intolerant?

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Will it flop or will it live up to its hype?
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Most likely: lovely visuals but a tepid story. It's standard for KyoAni's works.
Aside from the Phantom World blunder KyoAni's been doing well lately.

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Why isn't reverse isekai as popular as isekai?
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living in japan is isekai for me
Because when you are a NEET no-life looser it strokes your ego to sefl-insert as another loser who becomes cool for no reason after being transported to other world. Meanwhile, watching a cool guy from cool place get all the sluts just reminds you of your shitty life.
Isekai is shit.

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Spoilers out

The mysterious person blinded the demon with something like smoke.
This intervention upset the demons.
Ray passed out while wondering if this guy could possibly be Minerva.
Ray woke-up in a cave and found Emma besides him.
The mysterious girl appeared. She seemed happy Emma gets better and she led them to the other children.
Ray asked who is she, her name is [Sonju ? ] and he asked her if she'is or she knows Minerva, but she doesn't know anything about him.
Ray thanks her for the help and asked her : Why are some demons helping out the "the food" ?
He said : 'I know you and that man are demons, so tell me why !?"
Sonju appears holding a spear behind him !

Another cliffhanger.
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norman back asap pls, i miss you
I don't get it, so much is happening but I can't bring myself to care after the escape.
same, orphanage's climate was god tier but now its 3/10

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Only Kaiji can get me this excited for a chapter where fucking nothing happens. The mental anguish that Kazuya is going through in such a simple situation is delectable.
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What would you do anons?
Call Kaijis possible bluff?
No I would fold. It's better to hope for a high card next turn and try to strangle him out while he only has three lives rather than give him the breathing room of gaining a life that isn't his or his friends'.
Personally I would call it. Sure he could have played his high card, but at the same time he gets left with a low card. So he could get screwed over and get another low card. And as Kazuya pointed out, he has enough lives to try and strangle Kaiji. If he bluffed, I get the kill, if he didn't, the situation is still highly tilted in my favor.

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