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Is it the pure and unique artstyle?
The masterful dialogue?
Fun and catchy songs?
Cute girls?
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it's better if you read the novel first, to grasp a more detailed setting. The art style is too compressed for the anime adaptation. However, they do a good job at delivering it, in a way that uses a lot of abstract language etc.

I'd say a combination of all of the things you mentioned.
Good? How?

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do people still like this?
everything about this show is just laughable
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never watched it but it looks cheesy as fuck.
I watched it for revy fanservice but even that was underwhelming, couldn't get past the 5th episode.
i liked it

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Oh the horror!

How does /a/ feel about Korean manhwa? In my opinion it's more well-written and intelligent than Japanese manga.
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>more well-written and intelligent
Go away, Hyung Gong Lee.
It's nice to have MCs that aren't beta males for once.
It's good, I enjoy it but you get that one autistic Jap constantly sperging in the thread who calls everyone a shitposter so it's impossible to have a discussion about it on /a/

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>be bartender
>take my job super fucking seriously
>social life revolves entirely around going to other bars with other bartenders to talk about bartending
>working the bar one night
>customer comes in
>I deduce from the crease in his suit and the way he parts his hair that he is consumed by stress at work by this overbearing boss but tries to hide it beneath a facade of easygoing civility
>he asks for my recommendation
>mix two parts Gordon's gin to one part milk and salt the rim of the glass
>this is cumrag, enjoy.
>he takes a sip
>his heart visibly skips a beat
>delicious! it's so perfectly balanced!
>Cumrag was invented during the prohibition era when drinks were sold discretely at dancehalls, the rag was a type of dance
>so you're saying I need to relax more and have fun?
>from the micro-expressions on his face I can tell that I'm not quite there yet
>I have another cocktail for you
>mix single-malt whisky, cognac, ginger-beer and a rare liqueur from a country that no longer exists
>stare at a lemon across the room while I shake it to imfuse it with a mild citrus flavour
>this is a glass of "your dead father's approval", enjoy
>he breaks down crying
>are you an angel?
>no, I'm a bartender
>that'll be 30,000 yen
>go home
>sit in the corner and think about Curaçao until I fall asleep

so does he ever hook up with that hotel girl?
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>stare at a lemon across the room

You got me
The anime is so much better than the manga. The manga ruined the mystic the mc had in the anime
No, the manga makes him a human being with flaws, showing his backstory and his struggles with lead him to become what he is; him being a mystic bartender who seems to have no worries in life gives him mo character.

Why does this anime get so much hate?
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It's popular.
Because it's the biggest anime of the past decade, and a lot of people genuinely like it, so a vocal minority actively hates it.

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>Tfw only about half way through the original Dragon Ball
>Tfw getting impatient to finally reach Z GT and Super

I just want to see the cool aliens already. I'm enjoying the series and all but I find General Blue super boring of a villian. What episode does it move on from him?
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You will not get to see cool aliens if you are blind anon.
I can feel their shapes and colors by touching my PC monitor
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>TFW you find out General Blue was a pedo but you never knew since you watched the English dub as a kid

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The steinsgate 0 anime adaptation will be broadcast on television as of October 30, 2017 in Japan.
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No one cares, faggot. Only nufags and people who are lazy as fuck to not read the VN care, which should be eradicated from the planet as far as I'm concerned.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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You for watching a shit show
Mugi is a monster
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>The fantasy action light novel series takes place on a continent ruled by chaos. The chaos breeds disaster, but the Lords of the continent have the power of "Crest" (Holy Seal) that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realizes it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos, and instead start to fight each other for each others' Crests and to gain dominion over one another. The novels center on Siluca, an isolated mage who scorns the Lords for abandoning their creed, and a wandering knight named Theo, who is on a journey to train to one day liberate his hometown, which is under tyrannical rule. Siluca and Theo make an everlasting oath to each other as master and servant, and work together to reform this continent dominated by wars and chaos.
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>it's not another ishitekai
what's happening? i thought japs want to self insert themselves in everything.
>it's not another ishitekai
Too bad. At least that would be entertaining since from the manga chapters at least this seems cheesy and mediocre as hell.

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moshi moshi?
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I want to rape you.
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You're old and busted, grandma.

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Hello /a/
Does anyone here read Satanofani? Its by Yamada Yoshinobu (Deathopia, Cage of Eden). Whats your thought on it?
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My thoughts are that when this ends, he'll draw actual hentai.
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I like Chika and all the other prisoners.
I wonder when that other girl will be back.
I hope so.

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There's no shame in admitting that
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No. Especially not that garbage.
Define "generic".
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Name 5 other series with a blind sword miko, karate master and a rapier user.

What went wrong?
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Not getting Toriyama involved.
Still better than Super

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July 26th prescreening in theaters.
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Wisconsin gets 15 different locations

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>closest location in TX is six hours away
Fuck my life.
What? A movie? Didnt this have OVA and anime already?

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