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where my lolicons at?
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But anon, Angel Beats already came out.
Some told me that the childhood friend old hag wins, is this true?
Shitty bang dream! ripoff with lolis.

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ITT: Shows /a/ likes but probably will never have a second season.
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Taneda Risa drug allegations and poor sales of the 1st season/OVA.
Taneda Risa didn't voice any of the main girls though.
>shows without that 1 permanent ban-evading autistic shitposter whose life goal is to make everyone worse off
Guess that rules out Madoka.

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This is your Succubus tonight
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Can she be my succubus every night?
That costs extra.

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Looks like a new dress. I wonder if she'll actually be in the novel or just appear in the end like Crab did in the last novel despite being on the cover.
Will be animated in 7 years sick
Are they running out of names for titles now?

As to the new look she must be taking tips from that Touhou in Hopeless Masquerade or something

Chapter 69 korean scans and poll results.

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Next >>159107330
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>Griffith gets raped and tortured for a year
>doesn't become a retard
>Casca gets raped for like 15 minutes
>becomes a retard

Please explain this shit to me.
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He became so retarded he killed all his friends.
But he did become a retard.
Do you honestly believe that it was the rape only that broke Casca?

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Todays the day! Spoilers in 12-14 hours

Who will get btfo?

Post predictions
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Do you think she survived? No way a 5 year old can defeat a full grown giant.
do.....do I think Charlotte Linlin survived? WTF kind of question is that?

Lurk more, newfag summer retard.

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What anime has the most fan service?

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Kiss x Sis

Is there a single harem anime progatonist worse than Tsukune fucking Aono?

>Acts like a nice guy to all the girls precisely once, then when they get attached to him he ignores them in favor of Moka (with the exception of when he needs to make a "nice guy" speech, wherein he finally acknowledges that they're his friends and nothing more)
>Is rarely grateful when anyone other than Moka saves his life
>Kurumu, being a succubus, is literally dying because she loves Tsukune without him loving her back, and he doesn't give a shit, to the point he doesn't even thank her for fending off her own mother so he could get Moka back
>Tells Inner Moka, damn near to her face, that he prefers the fake version of her and goes on a long quest just to seal Inner Moka away, despite the fact that Inner Moka was trying her damnedest to fit in and be Tsukune's friend
>Is actually confronted with the fact that he's stringing all the girls along, but continues to do so anyway
>In relation to the above two points, he very obviously wants Moka to be his girlfriend but when it finally comes to a head he bitches out and fucking friendzones all of them because he's "not ready yet"

I mean christ, is manga Tsukune this bad? Because in any other anime Tsukune would be on the "bad guy" side of the character alignment scale.
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Manga Tsukune isn't that bad, he at least comes to learn that Inner Moka is fake and has to come to terms with it.
But he eventually learns that the two merged in a sense and he loves the current Outer Moka, but we'll never know how it ends because it ended after that epilogue chapter with Moka's dad

And at least Yukari goes after Fang-Fang in the manga very very later on
*outer Moka, sorry for that mistake
>And at least Yukari goes after Fang-Fang in the manga very very later on
That's good, outside of Kurumu I felt the worst for Yukari since Tsukune tended to hop on the "aww you're just a widdle kid" train way more than he should have, especially since the reason she liked him in the first place was because he acknowledged that being treated differently sucked and promised to treat her like all the other girls.

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look at those deathflags; LOOK AT THEM!
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I am always surprised how fats the Chinese are at translating
makes me wonder about the Chinese Gintama dub
But the question is; who's next to pass away?

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head patting
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Cute crossdressing
Shota is both plural and singular

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Featuring estranged domestic relationships.
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Predict the BDs sales of R3

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I won't be surprised if it breaks 100k. Serious
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>ever coming out
Never ever.

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The last time Haruhi properly graced your presence was 2011, how does that make you feel?
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Reminder that she's in her early 30s by now
>how does that make you feel?
But Kyon-kun's denwa is from 2003, that can't be so far from present day... Wait, fuck, that was 14 years ago. I feel old.

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