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How about some kanna?
She farts at some point
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ITT post villains who you hoped would get away with it.
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>that seen at the end where he activates rewind

They almost got me with that one.

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Who would win in a fight?
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the one who is not a shit character with an horrible fanbase
You have to be more specific than that anon
>One girl can shoot coins fast enough to upend a car
>The other girl can't survive a coin sized bullet


The one with fucking super powers you retard. This isn't batman vs superman. It's Jimmy vs superman. Jimmy dies.

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Noragami thread

Holy shit I cannot wait for the third season
hiyorin best girl
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/a/ doesn't respect the heroes. Plus last I heard one of the authors or both are sick, so no new chapters for a while either.
>season 3
>ever happening
>one of the authors or both are sick

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Ako-Nee or Riko-Nee?
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Sporty Sis > Lewd Sis > Miss >>>> Piss >>>>> Miss's Sis
riko, I don't know why I like them both but if I had to pick one it would be her
Ako is better at literally everything.
I think the only reason Riko doesn't have a crushing inferiority complex is because she's too busy trying to get into her brother's pants to think about it.

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Is it possible to come up with a better character design than Sagiri?
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Her design is 5/10
Your design is 5/10

I'm on the first episode, and so far everything is utterly fabulous:
> the whole 80s sci-fi comedy distopia aesthetic
> that "Hey Boy" dance routine
> that effect when Leona gets reassigned that randomly blows off her clothes
What's the relationship between this and Patlabor? There seem to be a lot of parallels. (In fact, this feels like a mix of Patlabor and The Irresponsible Captain Tylor)

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Yeah, Dominion is what I'd consider a more faithful adaption of Shirow's works than say, GitS 95. Just really good stuff. You're going to get more mileage out of this thread on /m/ though than /a/.
just bumping to say I love DTP.
>You're going to get more mileage out of this thread on /m/ though than /a/.
This makes me sad.

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That's the same girl, just in different outfits, right?
I guess there's not much incentive since shoujo manga adaptions rarely sell well.

I think Japanese shoujo readers are more interested in live action.
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Are you reading any shoujo manga lately /a/?

Tell me, /a/, what is your opinion on this man?
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>tfw he will never please me for money

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>reading a manga
>scanlator puts a joke comment in to point something they find funny out
>it's not too bad the first time but then they start doing it on every single page in subsequent chapters, sometimes for multiple panels
>none of it is actually funny
How fucking brain retarded do you have to be to think anyone is there to read the stupid banal shit you vomit onto the page over the actual manga itself
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I love it, I don't feel that lonely when I read manga, It's feels like I'm reading it with someone.
>readers point out that it's not really that funny, sometimes even borderline annoying
>translator team proceeds to drop the series
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>"editor" comments in the margins
I equate it to someone voicing their commentary in a movie theater.

Anyway, quality scanlation time?

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Left or right?
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I'm a lolicon but right

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We all know Yu-Gi-Oh! has one of the best girl designs in Anime,but who is for you the best one? Personally, my favourite one is Aoi Zaizen from VRAINS.
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Snack Princess.
But in there, I really like Aoi design.
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DMG is best girl.
Aoi is the best. Serena is close second though.

Episode 8: 風を操りし者 – Kaze o Ayatsurishi Mono
(The One Who Commands the Wind)
Due to Hanoi’s program, Zaizen Aoi is now in a comatose state. Feeling responsible for dragging her into his battle against Hanoi, Yusaku tries to investigate the cause of this together with Kusanagi. However, Blue Angel, who is supposed to be in a coma, then appears on the city’s monitors, and challenges Playmaker to a rematch!

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Shima Naoki: Sawashiro Chiharu
Bessho Emma/Ghost Girl: Kamakura Yuna
Zaizen Akira: Yamamoto Shoma
Revolver: Takeuchi Shunsuke
Dr. Kogami: Sugo Takayuki
Blue Angel: Nakashima Yuki
Rook: Makishima Koichi
Knight: Yano Masaaki
Bishop: IKKAN
Frog/Pigeon/Eagle: Seki Tomokazu

Script: 吉田伸 || Yoshida Shin
Storyboard: 山本隆太 || Yamamoto Ryuta
Direction: 布施康之 || Fuse Yasuyuki
Animation Director(s): Lee Sung-jin, Kang Hyeon-guk
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>However, Blue Angel, who is supposed to be in a coma, then appears on the city’s monitors, and challenges Playmaker to a rematch!
At this point they should be aware that it could be a fake account
>Bessho Emma/Ghost Girl: Kamakura Yuna

It's been too long since we've had a real woman on this show.
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>No VRAINS episode this week

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It has been over a year, have you forgiven her yet? I know I haven't.
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my sides still haven't recovered
I was never mad at her in the first place.

Haifuri/High school fleet
Why is it so unpopular?
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Because it isn't really interesting and doesn't have memorable characters.
It tries to be like Garupan but muddles things up with viral mutant hamsters and a lack of interesting character personalities.
Because it was boring

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