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>high school student's parents are overseas on business
>there's no babysitter
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>boy falls off the stairs
>ends up with face in random girls vagina
>lol just misunderstanding
Why would you need a babysitter for a high school student?
>Babysitter for teenager

Dumb Flandreposter

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Why are JCs so seductive?
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Who's the orange haired girl standing next to megumin?
Don't ask why OP. Just give in and enjoy the ride.

I just wish one of those girls was by my side trying to seduce me.
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Because they are made for sexual attraction

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When was the last time you have given your devotion?

Heathens not welcome.
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What the fuck even happened to this show? I remember it being insanely popular back in like 2007-08, and then people just stopped talking about it. I'm guessing Haruhi never got a second season?
People grew up and realized it wasn't really that good

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So, what's the deal with this show?
Why were the loli bellies censors? It's only the crunchy rips that are censored, right?
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>Why were the loli bellies censors?
One version of this show has the loli's belly covered with a shirt, but the non-censored version doesn't.

I saw people talking about it in a Alice to Zouroku thread once, but I only saw it in passing. Decided to watch the series now, and I'm wondering which I should go with.
Do you have screenshots or episode numbers?

was it the greatest Gundam show ever?
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On an A through F grading scale, this series was nice enough to put its grade right in the title.
Gundam is pretty shit but at least G Gundam didn't take itself so seriously, it was good.
This shitpost burns with an awesome POWER! It's large bait tells me to ignore you! Take this my Sage ,rage, and all of my sorrow! SHINING BAITER!

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Anon is canon?
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I'd wish that to happen anon but I'm aware that it won't happen. Enjoy some Angewoman
It's already happened, but I guess we'll find out for sure in 3 months.
lol what

What is best in anime /a/?
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Boku no Pico.
Boku no Pico
To watch your anime, see them finished before you, hear the Boku of their Pico.

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Switching back over from exclusively ddl, was it impossible to find anyone seeding decade+ old anime even when nyaa was around? I don't know the state of BakaBT but at this point, fucking kissanime has infinitely better availability and quality for old shit than any public tracker.
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How does it feel to know the culture's been reduced to following currently airing anime?
nyaa is still around but it was never about old anime. Lurk more and learn to use google.
Been here for ~8 years now, it's not that I need to lurk more, it's that between shit like this and the death of fansubbing a while back, shit's dead outside of private trackers. You're just in denial.

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tfw despite all the success Fairy Tail has seen in the past few years, it has never even come to near 1/5th of the quality that Rave Master had.

This part, when Shiba drank the youth potion to test Haru knowing it would kill him, and him dying in Resha's/Ellie's arms fucking murdered me.
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because FT has an identity crisis. Hiro doesn't want to do another Rave, and at first he was doing kind of alright. But then it turned into another "saving the world"
I don't think "saving the world" was the problem.
I heard his Editors were the problem, he wanted FT to be about magic adventures but his editors told him "no way, fag".

Nearly every fuckin show i've seen does this why anime why
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The Japanese moon actually changes shape, not just appearance.
Those aren't stars; those are lights from the secret communist moonbases.
How the fuck are they secret?

This shit is too pure for me. I almost feel wrong for watching it
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Definitely my favorite this season.
I haven't watched it, but that image reminds me of that cute anime about the girl who forgot about her friends every week.

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You should become an urara,anon-san. Three square meals a day and all the lesbian sex you can handle!
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How can I?
So traps can be uraras, right? It's supposedly female-only, but if I'm passable enough it shouldn't be a problem.
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Chiya is out to slay some fat sluts.

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ill start chrono crusade
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Everyone cried like a bitch at the end.
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No one's seen this.
I've seen it.
I felt only I watched lain back in the day
Was happily pleased when finding out it was well known

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Slut poll 2016.jpg
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Who would you nominate for 2017?
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Definitely the slut jk from eromanga. That's without doubt number 1. Hinako too.
My Utaha, god I love this girl.

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why are blue haired Tomboys so perfect?

non blue tomboys are optional too
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Xenovia card 27.jpg
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I will never watch HS dxd but Xenovia......what a waste of pottential
Not a tomboy but easily the best girl.
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Fucking Slut.jpg
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she is a tomboy

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