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>9 days
Waiting becomes suffering sometimes....
Also, they gonna do early screening on July 2th and I believe that Altair chapter 103 is going to be published in two other magazines at the beginning of next month, Weekly Shonen Magazine and Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.
Haven't heard of this happening before, I guess it's promotional since that's the week the anime comes out.
Last but not least, i think ED song got leaked:
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I'll be here to watch it with you, anon. Thanks for the updates. I haven't seen any of the chapters >100 in my usual places so no idea what's happening currently.
Sense scans finally got their shit together regarding to redrawer issue for Altair and it seems so now they gonna be in for regular schedule.
Next chapter is going to be released in july 5th.
Also they are very closed about the recruiment process for some reason...
how is this manga
synopsis seems pretty good
is there suffering?

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What is she trying to defend?
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the title of AOTY
oniisan from whores

How'd they manage to fuck up the anime so badly?
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Because they turned it into harem shit instead of just following the Agave route.
Not enough Maru-san.

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Choose wisely...
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Kotori all the way if I had to pick only one.

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So /a/ let's have this discussion again. Whats the anime that everyone on here seems to enjoy but you fucking hate with a passion? Ill start

>Code Geass

This show fucking sucks and Lelouche can suck my fucking asshole. seriously don't see the appeal in this show. Character development is shit, music is shit, animation is alright but the story is shit. Didn't enjoy a single bit of it
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anyone can say what they want but i found HxH very mediocre. Chimera ark is way too long
Excel Saga

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Perfect Kars?
Either way if they can they would probably go and work together to rid the earth of humanity without any outside interference
>Sem titulo


Dragons destroy islands as a side effect of their fights.
Pillar men are way outclassed.

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was endride good?
was it just a 24 ep generic shonenshit?
im thinking of watching it through but dont want to commit if its a pile of steaming garbage
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It's generic and the animation is shit. It feels like a saturday morning cartoon but for some reason this was also comfy as fuck. It's like an early 2000's anime. I won't blame you if you drop it though.
Also Asanaga was best villain of the season.
5 episodes in

i agree with you totally so far
The threads while it was airing were very comfy too.

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The stories included in the book are short stories we already have, but this time with new color illustrations. The last 5 pages are the notes the original author left behind before his death, which later became volume 21 and 22.
The author who finished the novels, Yamaguchi's close friend, is the author of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance.
Yamaguchi-sensei had intended to write a sequel about Saito and Louise's kid.

Information courtesy of AP24
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I really want to live.
I hope that'll get translated soon.
Did they already release the last book? Something with notes left behind.

Can anyone spoil me what happened?

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>Legend of the Galactic Heroes Remake
>Perfect Bones
>3rd season of SAC

How can your favorite weeb studio even compete going forward?
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Isn't LoGH vaporware at this point?
Nope, there's going to be a special promotional video at Tokyo's Shinjuku Bunka Center on September 20.

Real question still remains to be seen if it's going to be an anime or OVA series format
Regardless of the studio I try to keep my expectations in check. Most hyped up anime never deliver or really haven't in the past almost 10 years.

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Why everyone hates her so much?
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It's the rat posters.
>Why everyone hates her so much?
I like her.
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>this will never happen to you

Loki please

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>this will never happen to you
Give source

Who was the best Valkyrie?
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VF-27 Lucifer
These are my wives

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have a nice day today anon.jpg
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Hello /a/, i'm just here to remind you that you share a board with people who have never downloaded a single anime episode in RMVB in their lives.
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What a useless thread.
What's RMVB?
>downloading anime

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Why was the monk so autistic?
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Because he was a depressive hipster stuck in a bumfuck village full of unlikable hillbillies for his whole life.
I recently rewatched it for the second time and I must say that on the first time so many themes flew over my head. It is literal work of art in these days.

Also there should be no rooting for either side, since both of them are shitty. The murderous animalistic villagers or underhanded murderous Shiki.
In the essence, the whole village deserved to die out and burn in fire, except for the few decent characters that showed that they are human.
Also, I saw no reason why monk even sided with Sunako. He knew her barely a month.
You're probably going to get flooded in "Fuck the shiki, the humans were 100% right" posts, but I semi-agree with you. I think the show made some mistakes in structuring the conflict (the "well, you could just not feed from the same human" thing opens the vampires to a lot more criticism), but overall, yes, both sides were full of faggots.

>Also, I saw no reason why monk even sided with Sunako. He knew her barely a month.
Well, for one he hated the village to begin with (even moreso once they killed his family) and she's read his books and can talk to him about stuff that probably no one else could. For another, I think he just valued her attitude more than her actual acts, and the idea of killing what was essentially a scared and naive child, regardless of all the shit she did, didn't sit well with him.

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What's the best translation?
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