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why does love live suck so much?
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Who the fuck thinks a blazer is a vest?

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How do we fix this problem?
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I'll volunteer and provide my dick for her to play around with until her curiosity is satisfied.
Give them what they want
Girls loving dick is a necessity for humanity's continued existence, girls (and guys) are in the most literal way made for sex.

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I finished reading this and now i am sad and don't know what to do.
Henrietta was my favourite and i wanted her to be happy
Anyone else know my feels?
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No anon. You are the only person on Earth who has a waifu that died a sad death.
I didn't think of her as a waifu

What do i do to make the pain go away
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> What do i do to make the pain go away
You watch cgdct

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Nobody wants Yamakan.

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He can save anime alone
Goddamn it, can't he stop creating drama whatever he does?
He is, was, and always will be a meme.
He truly is a meme director in the most literal meaning of the phrase in that he has actually accomplished very little but attracted so much scrutiny insincere or otherwise on the internet.

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Haruna a SHIT
She's literally the best girl.
Maelstrom is best.

So what's the latest Manga series all of you have decided to try and collect all of
Mine is picture related.
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what's the point of buying when you can read it for free
you've never wanted to collect?
I mean yeah reading online is faster and cheaper, but c'mon nothings has gotten you to go out of your way to own?
What kind of retard throws away money for nothing?

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Steins gate, the Mc has the supernatural ability of "Reading Steiner" which grants him the ability to remember all timelines he visits.

Monster, a character has the ability "Amazing steiner" which makes him go on a rampage with supernatural like results(being able to defeat 10 people with his bare hands etc).

The literal translation of Stein, from German to English is Stone. Very simple. Steiner however, Im not even sure this word exists in German, but the translation would be "Stoner" in theory.

So we know the word Steiner is related to something that grants a character amazing feats, but why?
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You're reading too much into it. Japan just likes certain names and uses them over and over. Popular ones include Rin and Alice for girls and Kyousuke for boys.

Stein is one of those quintessentially Western names in the Japanese mindset.
Gee Anon, I don't know, why don't you try asking /pol/?

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Why does nobody care about tomboys Aka: Best girl no more?
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I care.
I do! But I despise that "tomboy" fatass manga. It's such shit.

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Why must they toy with my emotions?
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Which one would you invade?
Magical girl is bae




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*teleports behind you*
nothing personnel kakarottho
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this is a general, stop with the /dbs/ pls

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What's his name again?
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Guillotine gorilla
Hitler with a sword

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>mfw no S2
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Just let it go anon, at least we still have translations.
What would sex with Emi be like?
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Anyone know what the deal is? I thought it was gonna be released in July, but now I hear there's another hiatus again...
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new idolmaker was recently released, give miura some time to fap
>caring about berserk
just give up like Miura has, Berserk hasn't been whole since the first addition to Guts' party
yeah it's back on hiatus until winter (about 4-6 months)

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>When a trash fanservice show expects you to take it seriously
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>Fanservice negates the narrative itself

You're retarded
Time to fap

You're retarded

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I watched Initial D for the first time and really enjoyed it. Any of you guys seen it? If so did you enjoy it?

I plan on reading the manga here soon.
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>any of you guys seen it
Is this bait or are you this fucking new.
Watching the first season at least, is a requirement.
I enjoyed it.

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