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Dont worry, Grim Reminder soon
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Annie stinks
Post your favourite shingekis

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Guess what!

(previous chapter)
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THuis post is not spam nigger.
LEt me fucking post
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There are not enough non human girls in anime
This needs to be fixed
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Are you kidding me? Anime is chock full of non-humans. Just look at all the aliens, robots, magic folk, dimension hoppers, AI, ghosts, spirits, goddesses, kami, spirits, aijin, demi-humans, youma, youkai, mazoku, dragons, vampires, zombies, animal girls, elves, etc that absolutely litter anime. They're everywhere.
Well hentai could use more blue girls with black sclera. I think there's been precisely one. Ever.

Yeah and 99% of them look like normal people for some fucking reason
You get it
Im tired of seeing a "Demon" with white skin and sometimes not even any horns

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I've watched Steins;Gate before and it is probably one of my favorite anime, but recently I saw pic related and had to do a fucking double take. I never read the visual novel, as I thought it was literally the same thing as the anime.

Did I get the neutered experience?
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yes, dumbass
It's a VN, a very long VN actually
There are lots of routes not covered in the anime
You missed a lot of good stuff

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Could Shinji have actually satisfied here?
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Not fully, but in an apocyalptic world you've got to take what you can.
anally yes
that pussy loose
No, because he was really spent after the daily prostate exams with Ritsuko

From direct references to 4chan to memesubs, anything goes.
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Perhaps the most infamous example.
God, I hope the BDs are clear enough to see the text because it'll probably be funny

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Is this series any good or worth it? It seems pretty interesting, but I've never seen anything on it or heard about it from people I know.
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It's a well-rounded series. It's good but it doesn't do any one particular thing exceedingly well, other than female lead being adorable and meme-worthy.

Man, I. Miss chaikaposting.
It's a trainwreck that gets intresting near the end

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>joining the other side "for the greater good" later in the series
Why is it so good
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Lelouch fucking took over the other side completely.

Yuji well it played out okay for him.
The Flame Haze in season 3 were such unlikeable shits

Why did Killua kill Bodoro?
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Illumi drove him insane, he temporarily regressed into his old soulless self, and he targeted Bodoro probably because subconsciously he wanted to help Leorio.
Thanks that makes sense
Because he is a murderer.

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Ara seems to be the objective best. Most everything else seems to be past level 2 femdom, which confirmed degeneracy. Sleepy is level 2, so its acceptable. The description for Tomboy seems like its drifts between levels 2 and 3, so its best to err on the side of deceny and assume its level 3 (degenrate). Shame, i rather like brown and tomboys.
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What a shitty thread.
The one with Shinooka Homare.

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Your parents call you one morning and tell you that they have placed you into an arranged marriage with Nepgear. How does this make you feel?
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Thanks mom.
How much pudding did they give Neptune for this?
Also, Nepgear would probably be the most stable wife of all of the CPU's. as she really does not change in HDD form, aside from screaming 'Watch me Neptune!'.

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I can't tell if I like Boruto because it's a legitimately good show or if it's because we just ended 200+ episodes of a fucking ninja war. It's nice to see a SoL anime about kids just fucking around and having fun without it being too sugar-sweet.
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Probably the latter. it's not really good by any measure. animation is shit, the characters are more annoying versions of their parents, episodes are just kinda boring.
Naruto was only good in the beginning during the zabuza arc. After that it became generic shonen shit. Boruto is just a cash in.
>animation is shit

The animation is the best its been in years.

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It's really weird. Sakurasou, Nisekoi, Steins Gate, etc.
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Foreigners are like a shiny pokemon to Japanese manga writers. Having a foreign love interest is more interesting to some of their readers than if it were a childhood friend or some shit, that is why Nisekoi is the way it is.

The blond haired foreigner cliche has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years, to the point where people are only writing characters into that cliche to jump on the band wagon, and not for any other reason.

TL;DR they are a meme that sells to lonely otaku
It's not weird. They're different from the norm and mysterious which is attractive.
It's so they can pretend they're cucking hoaito piggus and remaining faithful to the superior nipponese race simultaneously.

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>try to rape Rin
>she overpowers you
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I'd want her to rape me.
All of my nerves instinctively scream out in fear of Rin
I want her to rape me

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