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Meet the new Oarai Student Council.
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First for Yukari is so ugly.
When will these daily generals without new content till March take a break? For real, geeze.
Well, you are not obligated to reply if you don't want to and also let the thread die if you're truly concerned.

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Are you going to watch Light Turner (Light Yagami) and Mia Stutton (Misa Amane) show?
Does it look as good as the anime?

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>we're making a darker and edgier Death Note
if the original wasn't edgy enough
well, that new 2016 jap movie was way better expected, so I will still give it chance
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I'm going to pirate the first episode. No views for them.

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Ep 13 "A Farewell to Arms" previews soon.

Are you ready for EOTS fellow ningens?
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Favaro's new harem.
Favaro's harem of girls not interested in him.
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Favaro's old harem

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This was a serious chapter about the serious topic of war and how it can seriously break a person.
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Anime fucking when. I don't even know who could pull it off the best but I think it will get one eventually due to sales.
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i swear to god if Sugimoto dies at the end...
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I was getting really worried when I saw how quickly they were rushing to the end of the digital because I thought it meant there was going to be a really long break until the next drop but I'm ecstatic they're going to try and catch up

There has been some absolutely hilarious stuff recently

I hope this gets an anime, only because I want the author to make even more money, I don't think an anime could ever be nearly as good as the manga though

Though it is a slight shame the scan quality will be much lower, I don't know WYJ is holding out in being one of the only popular manga magazines that isn't released digitally

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Chapter 69 : Muteba

Best boy is finally entering the scene, and how fitting, considering the chapter's number.
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Well, the previous chapter's fight sure lasted long.
Keep dumping OP, it's not on batoto yet
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Kengan Asura_v09c69p050.png
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What is Megu doing?
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a magic trick
Eating an invisible burrito
Probably doing that to kyoro at this moment.

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How did he impregnate her with his massive dragon cock without splitting her in half?
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Dragons can breed with anything, he just has to cum in a bathtub,let her sit in it and boom.
Tats got NTR'd.
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thoughts on the sequel so far?

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ITT characters that are probably illiterate
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he was confirmed literate around the wicker mam chapter

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Is he right /a/?
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going by the color of his skin, no, he is not.
Is it wrong that I kind of agree with that sandnigger?
Why are muslims so alpha?

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You see the other character on that cover? That series is getting an anime, not Chio-chan
Chio chan is getting an anime. Holy shit, I'm so excited.
Wait a second, does no one here read this amazing manga?

What went wrong?
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Too many threads.
Toei took liberties in the story which railroaded the manga into have to somehow work around those liberties.

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This is a simple game: represented here are 36 television anime titles, each in the form of a visual riddle. Using the clues provided, try to decipher the title of each series. How many can you solve?
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B4- Lupin III
D3- Berserk
B3 Clannad

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What have you done to fight the normies today?
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Second season when?
Never. Spoilers never either.
This show was quite entertaining

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What the hell is his problem?
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nothing, goblins are a huge threat due to their numbers and ability to breed and mature quickly, there should be more people dedicated to wiping them out.
>stormfront or isekai

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Galko is pure.
No, she's made for BIG BLACK COCK
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