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Why are russian covers the best ones?
I don´t even really speak russian

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>I don´t even really speak russian
And that's probably why you can listen to this without cringing.
I am glad someone finally brought up this topic.
Russians pleasing each other itt

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Why does Ghost in the Shell dress like this?
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Because she gets off on it.
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Because she's a fucking whore

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>boys make the best girls
>girls make the best boys
what the hell is going on in Japan?
What an interesting thread I have never seen before nice job OP
punch line was neat

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Do you guys ever discuss Doraemon?
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Yeah we discuss how shit it is
I've been thinking about watching it after I finish dragon ball for japanese practice
Who is best dora?

Iori is angry. What did you do?
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Increase the amount of lube.
Put it in her vagina.
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You bastard!

This character is complete trash and needs to be killed off
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That's a very fuckable tummy
She can't compete with Mi Jin anyway.
There may be tons of shitty ones, but boy I sure do love these gook porn comics. There is another new one that just came out by the author of Shes Young (one with the older+younger blue haired chick) that looks promising

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I have a theory - the larger the file of an anime episode, the higher is the quality of the animation. Since modern compression makes it so only the changes in a frame are actually saved, the more dynamic the episode - more backgrounds, less "powerpoint slide with only the mouth moving", the bigger the file size. For example, here's OPM. as you can see, it's easy to tell which episodes are filler and which got most of the budget - last episode and the first two stand out the most.
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By that logic KyoAni shows should have larger file sizes on average then. That might be the case.
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Here's P&SwG, again, you can see which episode has half of it using the same background with limited animation (ep. 11)
let's have some anon run statistic tests on it

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>tfw no more FAGs
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I miss the FAGs.
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FAGs were such an entertaining show. I really miss each week's episode anticipation.
when is the next episode guys

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This is most definitely a boy, there's no way anyone would think he's a girl right? I mean, why would they? He totally looks like a boy and and everyone knows him as a boy.
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Stop insulting my waifu
this look like a boy to you?
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Then there's that time the reverse trap had the biggest tits of the bunch.

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Put him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Whis for 36 hours prior to the Tournament of Power.

"Leave Jiren to me, Thosan"
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Why do Gohanfags inspire such cringe?
Gohan has more potential than any saiyan. He was evenly matched with SSB Goku
Mystic Blue form

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Naruto and boruto are dead in japan
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>YoI beating one piece
>a gay figure skating series is almost the most popular series in the country
good fucking riddance

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>Vampires who create themselves (alucard)
>Vampires created by other vampires (seras)
>Fake Vampires
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I need to read bram strokers dracula still don't really understand how he became one when he was human.
and don't forget alexander anderson
Vampires scale infinitely so the more they grind the better they become but at the early levels they're weak. Vampires sired by high level Vampires get level boosted though.

Werewolves are as strong as high level vampires but they don't have to grind. They have no resistance to silver though so they're low tier if you know what you're doing.

Monsters of God are pay to win and take no skill to play. If you choose this class all the vampires that grinded to get good will never be friends with you.

Humans are OP but they have the highest skill cap.
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>don't forget alexander anderson

Any hype for the /pol/ /an/ime?
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But what if the centaur consents to be ridden?
It's still a crime
So apparently it's animated by a Chinese studio, does this mean it will be censored like Chinese media?

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How is your country represented in anime?
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burgers and fries, oh my!
Probably not at all but there are a few takes on Germany. I guess that kinda counts.
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Is the MC in this really worse than Shirou?
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>worse than Shirou
God I hate secondaryfags.
>he's proud of reading garbage
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We all know that Shirou is a great MC

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