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Seriously though was she supposed to be a good guy or bad guy I can't tell
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Neither. No one in Utena is entirely good or bad (except for Shiori who is the worst girl).

She's a total psycho bitch for the vast majority of the series, but she's got understandable reasons for being that way.
>Anthy gets revenge on Nanami throughout the entire show, every animal mishap is implied to be caused by her.
>Anthy manipulated Mikage by appearing as Mamiya.
>Anthy manipulated the student council into fighting over the rose bride as part of Akio's schemes. She also emotionally torments Saionji/Miki/Juri to make them duel Utena.
>Anthy manipulated Utena into fighting, never really trusted until near the end, and still stabbed her from behind at the climax anyway.
>Anthy put up with her brother's antics due to her guilt, allowed everyone to suffer, and still betrayed him in the end, leaving Ohtori to rot.

Anthy is a bitch. All the hatred of the world wasn't enough.
Anthy with her hair down is fucking hot.

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>Patty will be animated in your lifetime

Who are you most excited for? What are your hopes/ fears?
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What we've seen of the anime so far looks really, really bad
Probably because they followed the early artstyles.
>worst girl will be animated

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Who is this cute loli
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Best gril.

I watched Zero, Stay/Night and Unlimited Bladeworks. I think there are more? but haven't seen them. I also haven't played the games.

First: I heard the fight scenes were some of the best in anime. How? None of the fights were any impressive, the fights were some of the most mundane i've ever seen, over which they slapped some high quality visual effects, which i'll admit were well done, i guess they had the budget for such fluff. But really i've seen more impressive fight sequences in old 90's anime. I could probably achieve the same effect by adding spectacular visual effect over me brushing my teeth. You can put as much make up as you like on a frog, but i'm still not going to kiss that frog.

Second: Barely any characters had depth. They almost all had very shallow and baseline personalities. All servants had some kind of superiority complex (some more than other) and they just can't stop nagging each other whenever they face one another. They often blabber for extended periods of time about honour and such, without any idea of the definition of the word.

Am i missing something? The reason why i care so much is that i tried really hard to enjoy the show, and i still struggle to find some kind of way to enjoy it. I would really love to add another anime to my top list. It's a popular show and i'd like to join in the fun. At best i'd give it a 5 out of 10, but only because it mildly intertained me.
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>I also haven't played the games.
Found part of your problem.

>First: I heard the fight scenes were some of the best in anime.
Said no one ever.

>Second: Barely any characters had depth.
Again stop being a secondary fucktard.
For some people it's the waifus, since the entirety of it comes from an h-scene infested VN and the fact the series has genderswapped historical figures.

For some people it's the idea, either from how the "Heroic Spirit" are from fictional/non-fictional lore and pretty much are forced to clash their ideas with each other if they don't kill each other first. It's the reason this series attracts some /his/fags or have them shit on it for the mountainous of inaccuracies.
Or the Magus system, which somewhat started the whole "bloodline mages" aspect you seen in modern anime.

And for some people, it's the "2deep4u" aspect since Zerofags can't get over how Kiritsugu's unachieved goals destroy the idea of heroism.

anyone else see In this Corner tonight? I just got out of the theater.

It was good, I liked it
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Not yet in cinemas in my country.
FUCK I fell asleep after work and forgot to go.
you're just like Suzu

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This is a Japanese satan
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This is a Japanese banana tree.
More like a japanese piece of shit.
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Missed by one, bwwwaka

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How come besides fma there hasn't been any ending as satisfacing as fma in the shonen genre
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because it's was planned with an actual ending instead of keeping it the longest time possible to grab the maximum of cash ?
Shonen isn't designed to end.
Dbz had an acceptable ending before toriyama realized he needed more money

Is this hiatus even worse then Berserk's?
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It's dead, Jim.
I thought it simply wasn't being translated.
No. I won't accept that.

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>Sorry for asking for sauce
I'm going to be nice. There's these amazing tools called saucenao and Google Image Search, try them out and you may be surprised.
>I‘m going to be nice
Tells me to reverse image seach a VLC screencap. Just say the title I beg
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In the six minutes since you posted this retarded reply you could have found the source yourself. I gave you the tools, I'm teaching a man to fish, be thankful I didn't just tell you to fuck off.

Lurk more.

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ITT: Your favourite Kyoanime
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none of them

>include phantom world and kyoukai no kanata
>leave off nichijou and K-On

Consider suicide.
If in the chunny anime there had been more character development and the two leads actually fucked then it would be an 8.5/10 in my book.

kyuwokai no katana was pretty generic and trash, and I didn't watch the rest of those series because they looked pretty bad. The one where the girl was actually a god is pretty popular apparently but I've watched so many school settings in anime that the thought of watching another makes me want to blow my brains out.

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Why is this such a masterpiece?
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Looks like Yuno is getting cucked by Yukki.
So far from throwing logic out the window, logic was never part of the picture in the first place. It's an absurdist masterpiece.

how do i into the monogatari series?
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The series is basically an audiobook. I would suggest reading the ln then watching the series to see it animated for you. If you're too smart for picture books then I would suggest reading some of Kafka or Dostoevsky.
Sexy 9s my dude

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I watched like 2 episodes but I can probably guess she's a lesbian since all the guys she's around are beta
No, it's me.

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What the fuck dog is alive


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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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It's shit
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Be careful when eating fish.
I am the fin of my fish.

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