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Look, where can I find the fucker who made this shit? He just wasted my morning with his bullshit promises of incest and I wanna tear into his asshole with some very strong google translated Japanese until he gives me what I want.
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Berserk thread?
But the incest is coming!
Yes, later, I promise, we can have all the Berserk threads you want, just help me out here if you can.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Toei for making it gayer
Hyoga because he gave up and lost to his traumas but he got over. When the Hades arc started, he didn't feel the need to visit his mom anymore
Only correct answer

Only few more days.
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More secondaries. Can't wait.
I sincerely doubt there will be a significant audience that haven't either read the VN or watched any fate anime
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I'm waiting for lap pillows!

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Jojo thread
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>this shit again
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choose a cutie /a/
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Can't find a single cutie.
Haven't watched Thunderbolt S2 yet but the girl looks nice.

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why don't i see more Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism aorund the internet?

for me it's like the best in it's genre for like years. but it seems to get no love.
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whats so good about it?
I really like the MC's voice acting
> the best in it's genre for like years
Best at wuxia?

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When is Lancer (Tits) getting an anime?
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Is the FGO plot worth reading from the mobile app?
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Take a guess, anon.
huh? you lost me

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what is your favorite ghost story?
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The one with the painting skeleton that's trapped in time.
that one was pretty cool
i think my favorite was the one with the dead rabbit
There one where the biggest faggot of all time, OP, sucked to many dicks he drrowned and became an AIDS infested anus in his next life.

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Kenja no mago, chapter out.
Is this how a the fiance of a prince should dress?
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She┬┤s a bad influence for the princess.
Or maybe they all just like dressing like sluts.
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That was fast.
>shitty isekai MC does a better job at romance than MCs of the series based around romance

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Mori Summer, the most respected name in chuunibyou culture.
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This is the true face of the girl you respect so much. If you can still say you love her with a straight face, you're worthy of her attention.
I don't know why drawfags haven't worked on this yet.

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Kirara x A-1 Pictures = Gold
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Look, another shitty gochiusa ripoff.
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The threads of this will probably get shitposted to no end by retards like the two above me, right?

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These are the same character
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so what
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Kakashi >>>> Eraserhead
at least eraserhead is in a good manga

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download (3).jpg
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Well fuck. That's gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

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The raws are out here:
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End of omake.
By the way, this is the meeting to decide on the outfit for the ring girls.

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