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ITT Bad guys who deserved to win.

In retrospect, Kirei was absolutely in the right and justified in his actions. Results trump methods
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Dark Sakura deserved to defeat Rin.
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handsome japanese man.jpg
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>You will never have a fitastic mother
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One of the most underated shows in recent years.
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amen anon

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I daisuki you, /a/.
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Well, I dislike you, too, then.
The yuri scenes with silvie were literally the best part of the game
So many recommendations yet it was a huge disappointment. Why was this supposed to be amazing again?

The main character of the last non-Jojo anime you watched is replaced with Jotaro, what changes?
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They get together because octopi are sexy
Cheerios and Jotaro would be such good bros.
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He becomes the reincarnation of Solar Wing.

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This is Selesia san.

She is a tall, strong and beautiful 19y onee san.

Be nice to her.
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She can't be my onee-san when she's younger than me.
Why is she so bad at fighting? I thought she was supposed to be some really great mechaknight.
What a beautiful girl. I'm going to put my dick in her.

Did anyone else watch the first episode?
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Which one?

Anyone watching this?
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I usually hate sports anime (especially football because I've no life the sport for 12 years when I was younger) but this might have potential. Just a bit afraid that the cleanliness gimmick will start to be boring after the first couple episodes but well see. First episode definitely was enjoyable.
I would have murdered that cleanliness freak if he hadn't scored that goal at the end.
The ED is 10/10 desu. It has it's charm. Can't wait for stalker-chan to enter the scene.

>sports anime
It's a nip """"gag""""" anime smeared with sports elements, senpai.

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I'd rather you post the translated chapter tomorrow
>fire is back
>arm is back
I love this fucking manga.
Wasn't it supposed to end soon btw?

This is an anime
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This is a videogame

>it's Sunday
>no new tanuki scroll to download
Hopes for the third book (The great tengu war)? S1 or S2? Are you supporting the series in any way? Favorite new character? Anything you didn't like?
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>Are you supporting the series in any way?
I'm personally going for the new art book along with the first one.
>Anything you didn't like?

Benten didn't win
It was the most comfortable, fun and satisfying story I've seen in anime in a long time.
As for tengu war, that would great. And seeing how the tanuki and real world deals with it would be awesome.
But I'd rather see a trick war between great tanuki clans and the tengu dealing with the surprisingly large aftermath of it.

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Best title drops from anime/manga?
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Needs faux title on the first page to prevent spoiling.
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In the end, we truly were the Biscuit Hammer©
I need to read that manga, but the way he draws female eyes is too sexy.

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I'm not going to pretend Marie didn't fuck me!
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You mean, made you eat a lot
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Thanksgiving is ruined again.

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You did wish her a happy birthday, right /a/?
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Happy birthday, slut.
I did.
Her thread was the most dead. It confirmed me Mugi is the less popular Keion.

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>Government arranged marriage partner for you
Well /a/?
Episode 1 airs today (JST)
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The government should do a better job
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>disdain for bitches intensifies
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>*cuck you
Heh, nothing personnel, gay boi.

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What are your genuine thoughts on this character?
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He fucking deserves some goddamn peace.
Why not put that pressure point stuff to real use and open a massage parlor?
I respect him for valuing human life while living in such a shithole. I find the tears he sheds to be appropriate and manlier than anything I am capable of.

I also found Roah and Toki to be fucking amazing characters.

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