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ITT shows with a fanbase that is beloved by everyone and is non-cancerous.

Pic very related
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Gochiusa fanbase is so intelligent. How can others even compete?
Tippy is the cutest.
Don't you literally just make the same "My wife ________ is so cute"/"I'm going to marry ________" posts over and over again? At least you stay in your threads.

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What would you do if you found a Phos-y thingy lying on the beach?
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Make jewelry
>Land of the Lustrous
U wot m8
It's the official name of the series, deal with it.

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>started airing on June 5th

Where the fuck is it?
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certainly not here, you dolt
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Tanya-chan will back??
Some nip has to rip the episodes from the smartphone app I guess.

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24 episodes http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-07-02/welcome-to-the-ballroom-anime-to-have-24-episodes/.118337
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Wow. They sure have money to burn for such an expensive advert of a niche manga.
I hope it flops.

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How is this so insanely popular again? What's the appeal and why so broad appeal?
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Show me these whores' feet.
Dia is solely responsible for its popularity.
It might have something to do with the fact that just looking at these supple bitches makes me want to creampie their brains out, especially the one on the right.
That's my hypothesis.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't like it.
I fish I could like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.

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Main characters who become irrelevant losers.
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hunter x hunter has 4 main characters
Simon from TTGL
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explain why haibane renmei supposedly isnt an overrated piece of boring trash
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You should try watching it.
lmao fell asleep 2 episodes into this shitfest
I aprecciate your attempts at creating an HR discussion, but let's not create shitposting-central-tier threads about it.

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Have we witnessed perfection?
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Yeah, but it doesn't look like that
Bullies get out.
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Have you seen my panties?
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How can the others even compete?

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Daiz finally killed fansubbing. Time to learn moon.
Just rely on Crunchy/Amazon rips. They've got most shows covered.
I own a crunchy sub and not even crunchy has it on yet

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Anime-only fag here. I want to get into reading manga, but having to constantly zoom in and out on my phone is a pain, and I can't really take my desktop with me to the couch or on the bus. What do you guys read manga on? I'm thinking of getting a cheap tablet or a chromebook.
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phone is literally the best way to read manga
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I use MS Paint

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ITT: Manga that deserve an Anime adaptation

Old Thread: >>159164959
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Saike's easily one of the best new shounen out right now. I'm just worried it about how the first three episodes are very non-indicative of the series, not that it's in itself a bad thing. First arc is really drama focused and I like it.

Only problem is how only after that, it becomes a battle shounen and it would take 4 episodes to. Considering the way fans operate nowadays, I see it filtering a lot of them out.

But the series is great, fun and interesting characters, good drama and good fights. From what's translated so far, I'd say there's enough for 2 cours if we end the season at the end of the Sakagami arc.
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It's the seven day anniversary of Benten getting blown the FUCK out
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poor Yasaburou get NTR-ed
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good show
He woke up and stopped having shit taste in waifus

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Which anime character do you think has the biggest dick?
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not me
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