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Why don't studios make anime that have artistic value and some sort of style anymore?

>beautiful animation and drawings
>semi-realistic fighting with no powerup bullshit
>best soundtrack of any anime
>no pandering waifu relationship shit
>ends in the perfect time, not too short, not too long

Name one other anime that has as much value and effort put into it as Samurai Champloo
Protip: you can't
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Space Dandy

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what do you guys think of it i thought it was amazing the transition from personal horror to a crazy huge story was interesting should i watch the movie is it worth it
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just finished it as well.
When i started it i felt like i was reading Goosebumps books.
As soon as i finished it i got good Lovecraft vibes, Ito is a really good author
Glad you two enjoyed it. have you read gyo yet?
Everything junji ito has written is worth reading, but uzumaki is one of my favorites. His one offs can be amazing as well

Sorry for being slow, but can anybody explain what the fuck happened? Is this another "hurr its okay because they reincanated" copout ending? What happened to Willem or anyone else? What's the real story behind humans and the beasts/god monster things? What was the red-haired loli exactly? Why did the two best girls(cat and troll) never stand a chance? What happened to the purple girl?

I'm assuming that the anime had to cut lots of shit out, but goddamn. If it wasn't for that, it would have been great. The death scene was done really well. But what the fuck happened?
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Read the novels.
Fuck off normie
Just spoonfeed me please.

Excuse me?

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kiznaiver wasn't that bad
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Best Trigger anime in my book.
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It was sakuga
Everything was very pretty to look at but there was like 0 substance desu

Since isekai is in right now, why doesn't a studio try to do a John Carter anime?
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There already is one.
that yankee one would be cool as well
Disney lost a bazillion dollars on their John Carter movie. It's a dead property.

So I just watched the Koe no Katachi movie. It wasn't too bad, but it was missing a few things that pissed me off.
1) The true depths of Kawai's and Mashiba's characters were pushed to the side.
#KawaiDidNothingWrong actually looks like it's true with this movie, as it more or less utterly ignores the fact that she really is a self-absorbed bitch who only cares about appearances. They even had her use the “you need to look at the better aspects of yourself, otherwise you’ll want to die” line without showing the bit that makes it clear that she was at least partially talking about herself. It also misses the much darker aspects of Mashiba's character, making him a "generic friend character" who's really only there to pad the cast and so "hey, Character X from the manga made it in."
2) The implied Ueno x Sahara pairing also pretty much got nuked.
Yeah, remember that part from the manga where Ueno and Sahara open a clothing shop together? Or when Sahara fucking gives Ueno and ring and proposes that they become partners? Granted, that shit was supposed to be subtext, but it was there. It’s also a hella good sign of both Ueno and Sahara’s growth. And never mind the fact that it’s like they’re trying to cloak the fact that Sahara is obviously into women. I get that Japan isn’t friendly to same-sex pairings except in hentai, but fucking hell, that makes me madder than it should have.

continued next post
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Addendum: My faggot friend poked her head in to read this and commented that they get a small tidbit at the end, when Ishida’s friends are all getting “shots”, Ueno and Sahara are together, as are the implied couple of Kawai and Mashiba. If that’s supposed to be symbolic, though, then that means that pic-related in the middle are also an “implied couple”, and that’s fucking bullshit.
3) Ishida crying at the end.
I was actually laughing at this part. For what fucking purpose did that scene even get made? It wasn’t in the manga. It had nothing to do with Ishida’s growth. He wouldn’t end up crying over seeing people as they were. I wouldn’t mind it as much if they hadn’t decided that the original ending could fuck off in favor of this, but… they did. And it’s pretty damn lolworthy.

Who else here /okaybutitcouldhavebeenbetter/?
I think you didn't watched the movie, this looks completely different to the Kyoukai no Kanata movie that I saw.
No, I think he meant to watch the Kara no Kyoukai films

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megumi katou.jpg
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Megumi is a blessing.
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Eriri is a shit.
Utaha is a perfection.

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2b cosplay.jpg
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AX seems like a lot of fun, if only I wasn't a filthy european.
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I'm not sure if this is really /a/ related. People may yell at you to take this to another board.
What's with the 2B/9S orgy?
It is the EoE ending for the new generation.

The website for the promised Neverland is up. There's an iq quiz that will give your secret shit if you solve it correctly

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Heres the secret shit if you couldn't solve it
File: minelva_comic-2.png (165KB, 650x966px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>take iq test
>final score is 60/300
Yup i'd get shipped out to be butchered at the age of 6 if I lived at the gracefield house

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Does /a/ ever masturbate to anime? I'm not talking about hentai, doujinshi, or even fan art, but legitimately pulling your dick out and jerking off to the actual show. Last time I did this was to Kobayashi.
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Who doesn't?

Also the vagina bones anime has hot as hell moments for my dick.
That's what ecchi anime is for, Anon.
The first like 4 episodes of Sin Nanatsu no Taizai were quite lewd.
The last time I did that was back when Sailor Moon aired in Toonami, when I was a kid.

Time to grow up and graduate to hardcore hentai anon.

Now licensed by Jew Press

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Yrn Press is a net benefit to the western fandom. I really enjoy their titles and love how much they bring to the west.
Still faster than kirei cake
>things anons don't say

Trailer out, guess they're skipping DVMC?

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Going to be a drama CD or something. Really disappointing, as DVMC is FMP's last bit where it's still goofy and fun.

Art looks nice in the trailer, thank god.

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New best girl?
Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Ep. 13 Summer Festival talk
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Some screenshots as well

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Best mpv conf settings?
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NGU AA... oh wait.

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How did a supposed genius fuck up so much?
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he had a good run
He didn't have life experience to temper his ego.
He didn't have a KANG helping him.

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