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sakura is sakura.jpg
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So she's just being a big bitch?
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No, he's saying that the mud has corrupted her personality, but that she's still herself on the inside and not a monster beyond saving like she's pretending that she is.
I thought that he was also saying that she can't hide behind the lie that she has a split personality and pretend that she is beyond blame for the actions she took
He's right that she's still Sakura, but he's being disingenuous by downplaying the effect the grail mud is having on her mind.

The shadow that went around at night was the grail acting on its own without Sakura having any control over what it did, but after the death of Shinji, Sakura decided to integrate the shadow into her body to stop it from acting on its own any more. This, however, also had the effect of the grail mud starting to directly corrupt her already unstable mind. If you've read/watched Higurashi or Tsukihime, you could say Dark Sakura's state is like the Hinamizawa syndrome or Inversion Impulse.

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>watches the anime version first before the source material
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who gives a fuck
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>Reading garbage light novels
>watches the anime

Last good anime was in 2010.

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go go go
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Imperialdramon Paladin Mode?
No, wait, Ulforce Veedramon Future Mode is longer

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Uchuu Yorimo Toui Basho: A Story That Leads to Antarctica was announced by Kadokawa at its Anime Expo booth on Sunday. The series will center on high school girls visiting the South Pole. An official website for the anime has launched, revealing partial staff members.

Director: Atsuko Ishizuka (No Game No Life)
Series Composition, Script: Jukki Hanada (Love Live! School Idol Project)
Character Design: Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Hunter x Hunter (2011))
Producer: Kenji Nakamoto (Hanayamata Animation Producer)
Studio: Madhouse

Official site: http://yorimoi.com/
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Will they meet Santa Clause?
That's the North Pole you idiot.
CGDCT set in frigid ice doesn't seem to be comfy at all.

What went wrong?
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no hestia
only one good orc rape doujin
no hestia -> no viewers -> no sales

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Which Miyu is best Miyu?
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That design is fucking awful
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This is a trick question because all miyu are the best.

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Is there an /a/ artist who can age characters better than Toriyama?
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I don't know about art, but his character development is either meh or horrible.

Piccolo went from feared monster to just another jobber on the side who is not relevant to the plot. Sadly his only respected showings were through his arc to the Frieza arc and even then he jobbed in all of them due to muh plot.

Chi-Chi was cute and waifu material (Not a waifu fag) but due to Goku giving her PTSD from his fight with piccolo she became and because Toriyama wanted "le funny crazy mother stereotype" she became just another woman with bipolar disorder sadly. Worse, they decided to change her nice hairstyle in the Buu saga and made her an old lady.

Bulma was always a whore, but I was still okay with her, even now. Just the typical irrelevant "mechanical sciencey" person in the show. Super tries to make some scenes with her and her family trying to remind us that she was a main (supporting) character, but those scenes mean nothing when in the next few episodes she's acting like a whore again. I'll give her that she did help a lot with her technology.

Goku changed a bit. When he was a kid, he was more violent and somewhat more reasonable. As an adult he became more autistic yet softer, especially in Super.

Vegeta undoubtly had the biggest character development in the show. Even though I hate nu-Vegeta and I prefer the one from the Saiyan saga, I will not deny that he did go through a big change. I honestly just wish Dragonball did something different with him instead of making him one of the guys. I miss his old douchebag arrogant and evil personality.
that looks like shit so yeah probably
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I genuinely liked Plastic Memories the more I give thought about it, the character, the dilemma and their resolution but I can't say the same after I finished Sukasuka. I've marathon both series but Plastic Memories resonated me more. Willem and Koturi's romance really didn't sell to me and I often see their drama as a melodramatic one. Isla is miles better than Kutori and I see Tsukasa better than Willem, maybe because Tsukasa chasing Isla is more believable and had genuine feeling.

Did I fucked up by projecting a different show? Because I really miss Isla. Especially when I saw Tsugi ga Kirei's sale boost after that happy ending and I feel Isla got robbed of her ending.
Jesus, I really miss her. Why can't there be more of her?
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Shit show. Fuck off.
Rude anon. Why are you so closed about a Heart-to-Heart talk?
But that ideal ending is just wishful fulfillment.
Is Japan really that into tragedy? Isn't their birthrate tragic enough?

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Do you think this is accurate /a/?
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switch eva and monogatari
Switch lain and eva

Find a flaw
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I bet her cunny smells like fish.
Can't sit properly.

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it's pretty bullshit that that smug fuck slaine got off easy
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>Has to live his entire life in solitary confinement because his existance is a secret from the world that would start wars if leaked.
Slaine deserved the whole world.
why didnt they fuck

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Does this shit have any fans?
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I want to fuck Nao.
Yeah, it was great.

>PA Works is now doing crap like sakura shit instead of successful anime like Charlotte

How the once mighty have fallen

The OP was great.

haven't seen a Tomoko thread in a while, let's get one going shall we?
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about time
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best waifu
File: lurking.png (80KB, 333x360px)Image search: [Google]
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Exactly 10 years on...time for a rewatch.
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Is this the one where he gets brutally murdered at the end?
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No, what are you talking about?
He gets the loli in the end.

Yes, but he deserved it.

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When will anime girls become real?
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Not in your lifetime, champ
or "your" childrens' lifetime
were making progress
I don't get why anyone would want Touhou girls to become real

70% of them kill and eat humans on daily basis

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