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>always kept a torn piece of paper from the death note on himself for discrete killing
>has torn pieces of the death note for himself throughout the entire series
>instead of instructing Mikami to do the same thing he just tells him to hide the entire death note in his master plan to kill Near
>instead of telling Mikami to just keep a single page wedged between his ass crack and to never use it until the day he is supposed to kill Near and the rest of the SPK, he just tells him to hide the real Notebook in its entirety
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>Light couldn't just bring a gun with him to kill everyone in the warehouse, as if at that point killing everyone there with the notebook and killing everyone there with a loaded pistol are two different things that leads to different outcomes
They all had guns too you idiot
They didn't want Light to win in the end so he had to lose somehow.

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flavor chart.png
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Make your selections.
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chart 1.jpg
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Take dis
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my selections.jpg
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here is my selctions, couldn't pick just one fucking sue me op.

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Chapters out
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so she finally figured out her feelings

inb4 another 100 chapters of misunderstandings and kaizaki figuring shit out
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It's not that I want to say nothing happened but I can already see some sharp u-turn that results in her thinking he's not in the program and they'll just continue on like nothing happened. FUCK, fucking Japan and their drawn out shit, every time man.
I think she will try to tell her feelings to him but Kaizaki is too dense too figure it out that shes an adult and is going to sperg how he is an adult and shes a high schooler blablabla, so its gonna be 30 chapters (another kariu/ooga arc inserted jere) until he discover shes an adult and hijinks will make it impossible for then being together then a deus ex machina will let them be happy

Shits getting boring fast
See you next sunday

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2017-07-03 01_29_29-Greenshot.jpg
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30 year old virgin degenerate pedophile and his little girl "waifu": The anime.
Pathetic and disgusting.
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>raised to be an enlightened buddhist master
>is consumed with earthly desires and such lust for candy

i see what they did there
It's not anime. It's a Chinese cartoon.
Picked up.

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ITT: Alpha characters
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pic not related

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Anime studios need to hire Meteora for every recap episode ever.
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Agreed. But I could have done without the breaking of the fourth wall.
I think you're missing one of the points of this anime.
They have found a way for me to actually enjoy recap episodes.

The absolutely madmen.

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Kazuma can' defeat the Goddess
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what is this, rape?
Shes's gonna use that sexual looking radish to invade Kazuma's anus
Didn't Kazuma relinquish the rights to the mansion with those letters he sent to the girls?
Why is he able to kick them out?

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>OP can't count to three
Well, considering you can't count to three, OP, it's unlikely you'd be intelligent enough to figure out what any of these shows were actually about. Good job on getting past the captcha, though.
>trinity = triangle
Cover up. Your retardness is showing.

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Why is this Anime Perfect.png
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Why is this anime perfect /a/?
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File: Haifuri OVA 6.webm (658KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
Haifuri OVA 6.webm
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season 2 never

Why didn't they do a better job introducing the characters? I still only know 4 of them and only know that Nanoha's name is Mike for some reason.
It's not about the characters anon.
It's about the SHIPS

S3 any minute now right?
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That would be nice.
I want to fuck Haruhi doggystyle.
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Nope, us first.

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What sort of cocktail would you like tonight anon?
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Just tap water please
Rum & Coke.

name a bigger mary sue in manga history
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Mary Sue Motherfuckers.jpg
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Outside Kirito and Inaho (in terms of jimmy rustle) I got nothing
What is a mary sue?
File: 1495361557498.jpg (34KB, 482x684px)Image search: [Google]
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wait, she does something other than look incredibly attractive?

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Ufotable. Any other answer is wrong.
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would she make a good gf?
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>would a boy make a good gf?
That's fucking gay, dude.

>Get to fuck other girls
>Protect the other girls
>A good doctor
>Most likely enjoys getting NTR

Only if you are the king anon, otherwise no.
sex slave

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your lie in april.jpg
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Will this series make me cry?
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It's a tearjerker but not much else.
The comedy can feel really out of place at times and it can get a bit too melodramatic but other than that it's a good show.

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