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Why does she turn me on so much when she is so plain looking?
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Boyish girl is attractive because she is easy and open to interact with.
I can relate, OP. She is my favorite.

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Why so triggered /a/? Why don't just ignore things you don't like?
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it's not as fun
When was the last time moralfags could ignore lolis being sexualized, anywhere?
Never because normies have taken over /a/

Just marathoned the first episode of this. Does it get better or am I just wasting my time?
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>1 episode
I mean I know living with adhd is difficult but come on
I'm on ep 25, its good.
it gets better at wasting your time

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Glad to see Gintama back! But actually, we don't know if it's gonna be more reruns, the skipped chapters or the SS arc, what do you think it's gonna be?
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Maybe we'll get more additional infos about the new season in the "Animedia" issue who comes next Monday
But what arc is Porori? Why is there no up to date arc/ep guide?

What the fuck. What are some other manga that focus on fetishes?
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KissxSis focuses on (somewhat) incest material, teacher/student, piss fetish, and lrobably more since i dropped it. Is good though.
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Fetish thread?
Ureshon is a piss fetish manga

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Hey, let's see what new anime will be subbed tod-
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Lurk 15 minutes before posting.
But check animedb if you really want to know what's going to be subbed today.
>subbing anything
Fuck off newshit.

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Chapters 33 to 40 are out.


The time of Legosi is here.
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Fuck I'm at work. Will read it when I return home.
Same. The chapters always come out at the most inconvenient times.
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JoJo's Circus.png
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Adventures of Lone wolf and Cub took an interesting turn.

Why does the childhood friend never win?
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Technically she didn't lost either.
Did the flat girl already win in the source material?
Oh, so is this one of those cop out endings where no one wins? What a load of bull.

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What is Kanki's weakness?
Keisha also said that he noticed it but Keisha died.
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He takes big gambles that could bite him in the ass badly in order to win, like leaving his HQ unguarded or when he let the Zhao take the fort
Leaving his HQ unguarded is what will make him lose to Riboku
Also now that I think about it he's always been like that, can't win without leaving huge openings
When he killed Renpa's strategist he had his camp raided by Kashibou
When he went to kill Sekai his side of the pass fell and the watchtower was burned
When he let the Zhao take the fort, if Kisui didn't act like he did he would have lost it forever
isn't zhao vs qin a stalemate?

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Only found that at the moment : http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.manganime.fr%2F2017%2F07%2F03%2Fstudio-trigger-annonce-trois-nouveaux-animes-a-venir%2F

>3 new anime projects
>Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad Gridman
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Inb4 Cartoon Network reskins of old anime.
Trigger are cancer that should be removed.

unironically OP of the year
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I like the show, but no. It's shit.
>unironically OP of the season
i dare you to post a better one

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What's the first thing you notice when you see this image?
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It has the best girls.
>best girl
Fixed that for you. The other is a retard.

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Has anyone read this?I thought it was okay.
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Over the top reactions to fear ruined it for me.
It was mostly mediocre. It started off okay, but rapidly went downhill.

It was pretty great imho. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere was spot on.

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What does /a/ think about perverted girls ?
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One of those things that are only acceptable in 2D.
Degenerate slut with no taste and a lack of self respect?

I fucking love them, why do you ask?

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Do you think Romance is a good genre in anime? Is it worthwhile to make?

Honestly it seems like Anime is the only medium where Romance is portrayed well enough to care.
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>Honestly it seems like Anime is the only medium where Romance is portrayed well enough to care.
Because its aimed at NEETs who have little to no social interactions outside of the internet
Even if that's true. It really doesn't matter who it's aimed too.
We're talking about the genre here, not your love life, anon.

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