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has anyone here tried to make his own anime figurine?
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That is more of a >>>/toy/ question. People do that all the time though. You need to be good at sculpting, though sometimes converting an existing figure works out. Having an airbrush to actually paint it is a good idea as well.
wouldn't it be much easier to simply 3D print them?
If you were a half competent 3D sculptor and had access to a 3D printer that uses sintering or SLS, then that would be fine. That said the costs for either of those methods are outrageous, so it depends on how much you are willing to spend. Sculpting by hand, as most sculptors do, is never going to be too expensive. Fimo, kneadatite, sculpey ect. aren't that expensive, neither are brass rods or wires to make the skeleton, or the tools to sculpt the thing. Regardless of which method you use, you need to have a degree of skill.

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>Energy system (your nen)
>MC (story and powers)
>Villain (story and powers)
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This will most likely end up an LN since I can't draw but

MC gets into a fight which ends up going viral online. After getting arrested for seriously injuring his opponents he ends up enrolled in [Name Pending] Academy, a school for reforming problem students. However upon entering the school he learns that the other students (and most of the teachers) are just as fight crazy as he is.
>Energy System
Ki for martial arts, Mana for magic
Changes every arc. Rival gangs, enemy students, rogue teachers, however the final boss of the story will be the MC's girlfriend
Basically Kakegurui but with fights instead of leg service?
> Plot
In a world of Magicians and Formulists, magical energy can be utilized in multiple degrees. Our protagonist is sent to the first educational facility that combines both Magicians and Formulists as a way to possibly utilize both sides potential in a way that cooperation is needed. Our protagonist has his goal but many of the opposing sides are hostile with one another, both thinking each side is inferior than the other. It was not easy until things began to emerge for the worse, another country began to attack. Whose sole utilization is formulation with technology that use magical energy, it is far more advanced and more proficient firepower than magicians. The protagonist is drafted due to the dire need of soldiers and Formulists to somehow combat the enemy county's forces. From there, he will soon clash with the man who has the opposite goal as his.
> MC
MC is a Formulist that has no natural ability for magic. Aware of his inadequacies, his aim in life is to make great strides by giving those who don't have natural talent to use magical energy through Formulation. Using magical tools at his disposal, he can imitate many of the powers of magicians as if he were one.
> Villain
The first Formulist ruler of the enemy kingdom. His goal is simple, the removal of the role of magicians from the world. He sees no reason for inequality in the world and his goal as a great equalizer. Therefore, with his knowledge with formulation and kingdom will lead him to find a way to remove the role of magicians from the world.

APOlogize now for the future AOTS.
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Its fucking shit worst fate ever
>Astolfo already becoming the flavor of the month trap for normalfags
The BGM in the first episode was fucking great. Every track set a great mood and it didn't sound overly copy-pasta'd from Zero or UBW while also not sounding so radically different that it wasn't right for a show in the same setting. I'm excited to hear more going forward.

Why is this fag trying to be Sasuke so hard?
Also, this season ends at ep26?
What a letdown
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I really like that he did not pull a Sasuke (yet?).
Sasuke was stoic, this guy is too edgy to be sasuke.
Nah, even in the manga when some villains try to turn him to their side, he tells them to fuck off, and that he plans to be the #1 HERO, not villain.

He's only vaguely like Sasuke, in the sense that he's somewhat antagonistic towards the main lead. That's about it, though.

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What is Seki kun doing today?
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I bet he's up to some real stupid shit.
Being dubbed

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>Director: Kiyotaka Oshiyama (FlipFlappers)

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It's going to be shit then.
It really is an excellent choice.
seems really fitting

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i love removing loli's faces anyone have the same fetish?
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Remove this one.
This isn't funny you son of a bitch. My dad was raped by faceless lolis.
What do you do with the removed faces?

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What do you think of Sailor V?
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lewd thoughts
Better than Sailor Moon
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Third movie aside, should I go for the movies or the TV series?
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Series. Second movie is a pretty straight adaptation with some new stuff but the first cuts a lot.
Episode 1-9
Movie 2
Movie 3
The TV series has better pacing overall
If you liked it well enough you could watch movies 1 and 2 after just to play spot the differences

What the fuck happened?
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Motto TLR Lala was the best
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It got better
Lala is now old enough to be a mommy!

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Post your ideas for a stand I'd like to know how creative.you guys are thanks!
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a stand that summons BEES
Good Vibrations, a stand that manifests as a butt plug. If you plug it in your butt you gain the power to vibrate through walls and send shockwaves through the air. You can also fuck up someone's molecules by touching them, leading to random genetic defects.
Daddy Cool - can stop any dad from forcing his son/s from getting a job or not watching anime

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Best daughteru
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too pure for this world
>I want my daughter to be a slut
You are no parent.

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What is the /a/pproved way of playing your cartoons?
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I use MPV.
mpc-hc on windows
mpv on linux
iina on mac
Crunchyroll app on PS4

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maybe it wont suck this time
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Maybe episode 2 will be better.
Why does this look so good? What happened to my bad season 1 art? And how come it's reached season 5, I dropped it when the second one proved to be complete shit.
I think there's a new law since 2 years ago were there must be a horror short every anime season.
Yami Shibai
Dark world or whatever it was last season
I think I'm forgetting one.

Why is there no thread about the announcement of the anime adaptation of Tsukumizu's Girls' Last Tour?

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Look like Sora no Woto
I was about to do the same. This is fantastic news. I wonder if it can keep up with 22 min eps or maybe it will be 12?
Wait, no fucking way.

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