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>tfw you finish Yoshiyuki Tomino's epic Mobile Suit Gundam saga and every other anime seems so childish in comparison
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Did you watch both Turn A and Reconguista? If not, then go back to watching.
Victory is good.

Katejina ruins it though
You're replying to pasta.

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Better than saber?
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Better than everything
Learn how booru.
Not even a question, senpai

Well /a/?
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Bleh, Yoko.
18 or the Naruto girl. The rest of those are meh to shit tier.

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Let's turn this bait thread into a proper Aoi Bungaku thread. I think Run! Melos is the best of the lot. This series also helped with spotting literary name dropping in last season's Tsuki ga Kirei.

Fuck me, I almost thought that was Death Note. My mind must be deteriorating.
How is this bait? Anime gets better than Aoi Bungaku, but not Much better.
That looks exactly like light yagami but with the saturation turned down. Though all anime protagonists that follow his template look like the same person.

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I do indeed say no, as should you since Nadeko is terrible.
at least she's not as terrible as hanekawa


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What's this dude's problem?
Also why does he look so girly?
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I thought they implied he was an actual girl because when he lands on Saitama's hand it goes inside him.
What does that mean

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Does she get to school?
Looks like fucking cancer
That's why it's gonna be great.

>Bunch of cute girls of all sizes and ages
>The teacher is voiced by Sugita

This has the potential to be really good, I hope they don't mess it up
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They should have an idol concert every fight.

Here's the full song from ep1
Asuha will always be the cutest girl. I do enjoy how Itsuki is correct in her assessment, with how the girls just aren't taking their job that seriously anymore.

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>tfw fansubs are dead and horrible subs too
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Horrible subs are horrible anyways
>Meanwhile the spic subbing community is actually reaching a golden age
The irony
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It is a good thing we all saw this coming and started learning Japanese years ago right?

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Why is she so perfect?
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She's cute, but boring as fuck

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She has striking blue hair and shining blood red eyes, offset by a stoic demeanor she almost almost always bears.
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Rei Ayanami is a clone of this person, Yui. Yui is a plainer, brown haired and brown eyed woman. In the next post, I will post a composite of what a true clone of Yui would resemble.
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Best girl.

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The Nugget High Council has convened.
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If this post gets dubs too, Umaru is the queen of /a/
she already is
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Mootswap confirms it

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Which MC's sidekick is the biggest loser, failure among MC sidekicks? Which MC's sidekick gets so much shit as comic relief that you actually start to empathize with them? In short, which MC's best friend gets the absolute rawest deal of all MC's best friend archetypes.

Pic related.
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Man, Sunohara was fucking cute. I loved that guy. Sunohara-route OVA when?
>Catch best friend dating your extremely underage imouto
>"o-okay then"
Why was Clannadman such a dick to him? I thought they were friends?

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When was the last time you actually alughed to some "comedy" anime/manga?
Why is Japan so fucking useless at it and what kind of miracle originated mcisthegirlthatdonactuallyexist/bikemoto/the worst psycho ever born/chocobanana?
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Japanese comedy gives you Japanese enjoyment. Read:faint smile to yourself instead of side-o-caust.
Sakamoto desu ka was genuinely funny.
>out of HAND

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That's not Higurashi, that's Shion.
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Cute post anon
quickly post Hanyuu

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