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I'd talk about the rushed episode but I'm more inclined to ask LNfags how their relationship goes.
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>fetishized shota lead
Into the trash it goes.
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what every man dreams of.png
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They say he's completely mechasexual.
Finally, an isekai protagonist I can relate to.
Boring show and shota lead is NG.

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Post pasta
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Hahahaha, listen up. I would provoke you both, literally provoke you to strike me. I would suffer a weak blow then I would detonate like an IED on a marine. You both don't understand, MMA teaches so much more than how to defend one's self. It teaches a person how to kill effectively. I also live in AZ, shit stain. I do know the gun laws, and I do know how long it would take you pussies to grab your gun and take off the safety and then aim it to shoot me. I would grab your good hand and break it, then I would break your opposite arm. Hahahaha, once provoked, you will be worthless. Literally you won't remember you had a gun when you wake up on a gurney on the way to the Mayo Clinic or the hospital down on Osborne. AZ is full of mexicans with illegal guns and rednecks with walmart guns and old people with internet guns. Good luck you bitch, I hope I find you one day so I may grab your gf's pussy with my mouth and then laugh as I fuck her while you lay unconscious next to the orgasm.

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What was his line again, /a/?
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One of your feet is currently at a burial site
Yare Yare Daze
I'll break that illusions of yours

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>Serious Gurren Lagann(?) announcement on Wednesday

Are you ready for pachinko?
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I'm ready for the café.
What they can do at this point?
Spiritual successor?

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>smug lolis aren't real
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>Tsundere ojou-samas aren't real
That image is instantly giving me a boner because I know exactly the rest of it.
some things are better left unsourced

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I want to marry this autist.
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Get in line.
Thats a dragon anon.
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I started liking Ririko after she does this silent little fistpump after messing with her grandma.

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What are you expecting out of this?
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>Male MC

Trigger shines the most with their female MCs

This is dead on arrival
Over the top shenanigans which a chunk of /a/ is gonna try to hype up to repulsive levels which will cause a huge divide between people who like it and people who hate it leading to massive shitposting.
So basically business as usual.

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What is the most chuuni anime/manga series?
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wtf is chuuni?
Chinobo people who believe that they have special powers but most are autist or attention whores.
>but rikka is cute

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Why would they ever make a movie like this? Nobody is going to watch it and feel better about themself afterwards.
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Do people feel better after watching war movies?
>Why doesn't everyone make movies that are happy?
Hollywood pls

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What are the rumors saying about ME!?
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That you're pretty
Tunaneko pleases deer for money!
You suck italian dicks for pesos.

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I want Chitose to acknowledge my existence!
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How about writing a song for her?

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ITT: best threads you've seen on /a/
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This screancap needs more ZOOMED WORDS.
Technically he wasn't wrong, since in the novel she asked him to be gentle with her lies and forget about them

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Where did it go wrong?
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After the first couple of episodes when it turned into DBZ reruns.
Kubo made Ichigo the main character instead of Rukia, the original.
Right at the beginning when it stopped being ghost busters

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Who is the targeted audience of this show?
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>giving Saniwa a design
Is this a good or bad idea?
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I was surprised by this
I thought the player didn't have an avatar
In game they don't
Yeah that is what I mean
Interesting that they choose a shota

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