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Will it be any good? Art direction looks pretty cool, at least.

>The anime's story begins with a major incident, The Reflection Event that covered the world in a black smoke that robbed the world of sunlight. Many people lost their lives, but those few who survived gained superpowers and became known as The Reflected. Some chose to be heroes, and others villains. But how and why The Reflection itself happened remains a mystery.

>Studio DEEN is collaborating with American comic pioneer Stan Lee (Spider-Man, X-Men, Heroman) and his Pow! Entertainment company for the project. Lee is credited with the original work, and Pow! Entertainment and Studio DEEN are credited with the project planning. Hiroshi Nagahama (Mushi-Shi, Flowers of Evil, Detroit Metal City) is co-creating and directing the series at Studio DEEN, and he is also providing the original character designs. Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Casshern Sins, Berserk, Mushi-Shi) is adapting those designs for animation. British music producer and songwriter Trevor Horn is producing the music for the anime. 9nine is also (Star Driver, Magi, My Little Monster) performing the show's ending theme song (the group was earlier credited with performing an insert song for the series).
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>Shinichiro Miki as Xon, a mysterious hero who always appears unexpectedly. His age and other personal history remain unknown. If he can touch anyone for three seconds, he can copy the target's powers, and stock a number of powers for later use this way.
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>Satoshi Mikami as Ian Izett/I-GUY, a person who has the power to use his voice to generate a concussive blast all around him. He wears powered armor that enhances his concussive voice. His true identity is a famous rock star.
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>Mariya Ise as Eleanor Everts, a hero who excels in computers and intelligence gathering. She has the power to instantly teleport over short-range distances. She has a strong attachment to Xon, and gathers as much information as she can on him.

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Why are semi-realistic martial arts so unpopular in anime?

Nearly all the anime that supposedly features martial arts is about power flinging (see: dragon ball or taboo tattoo), or delegates the fist fights to one or two trivial characters (why the fuck MAL puts the martial arts tag on Freezing?), and so on.

With all the popular manga focused on semi-realistic martial arts (teppu, holyland, all rounder meguru, karata kyokushin kohinata minoru to name a few), I don't get why we don't get more anime based on those properties.

To put some perspective: Katanagatari is from 2010, and Kenichi from 2006. Can you remember more recent examples in a similar vein to those?
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You know, you can just watch the real shit

Why bother seeing cartoons about them?
>Implying I can't do both

Well, if there were more, obviously.

Also, for the same hajime no ippo is still going on after so many years: because it can be fun, and the story and background can spice what otherwise would be two guys beating each other for money.
I imagine it has to do with the animation cost

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Who is the best Kage of the new generation (Kakashi and on)

And why is it Kakashi
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>Takes Konoha from small houses to skyscrapers
>Introduces computers and the internet
>Introduces trains and blimp technology
Kakashi may not be the strongest Hokage but he helped the village the most.

Can we make it a universal rule to ban the non-boruto-ish parring talk. I dunno about you, but I am sick of it after the last thread.
>Talking about the Kage in boruto isn't talking about boruto
By chance are you retarded?

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So what did Piccolo do in those six months he was waiting for Gohan to learn how to survive that increased his power level so many times more than his previous 4 to 5-year training between DB and DBZ?
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He was giving Gohan the pickle.
He realized it wasn't his decision and sat around
He had someone to protect.

Having someone protect increases your powerlevel.

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it's a fuckign anime show

about watches....
that, or no one cares about international copyright law.
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maybe not...
Looks like Disgaea
Is he using a lighthouse as a sword?

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No Panty & Stocking season 2

Well, i guess that's it, time to move on i guess
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Listening to Chris Brown and rewatching old episodes on a loop with interracial doujin breaks helps ease the pain.
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Don't be sad, we have at least more Inferno Cop
>denied AGAIN

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>villain was just protecting everyone from a bigger enemy all along
I love this
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>We will never have a sidestory where Simon going full conqueror like the prologue
i just don't like hobo Simon
>We will never have a full-fledged adaptation of the original war

Why even live
>"As Kessler's secrets played out in my mind, I finally began to understand. I saw his nemesis, a beast intent on extinguishing all life. In those early days, Kessler could have used his powers to stop it, but instead he fled with his family, leaving others to fend for themselves. Hunted for years, Kessler and his family watched as the rest of the world went to hell...and then it was too late, too late to fight, too late to save anyone. In that moment of failure and grief, he used his newest and most dangerous power. He went on a one way trip back in time, attempting to rewrite history. Kessler seized control of the First Sons and accelerated the Ray Sphere's development. Decades spent plotting the blast, organizing the quarantine, finding me. Yet the thing that drove him forward, Kessler's sole link to the past, was a picture from his wedding day...when he married Trish, with Zeke as his best man. My brain lurched, unable to accept that Kessler and I were the same person, that he'd come back in time to mold me into the savior he failed to be, going so far as to kill the woman he loved--I loved--so that I wouldn't be tied down by emotions. No, Kessler wanted me strong, ruthless, so that when I faced the beast, I'd be capable of making impossible decisions all for the common good."

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This is my wife Chino, please say hi.
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You are Chino-chan's onee-chan, Cocoa-san.
Hi, anon's wife (my セフレ). You are very cute.

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Find a flaw
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Tiny tits
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I don't see any flaw at all - according to the bristol stool chart that is a perfectly formed turd

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>all these toonami amerifats dub shilling
all dubs are shit, stop denying it.
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>dubs are shit
Without toonami anime wouldn't even exist in America stupid weeaboo.
otherwise known as DBS threads

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What's in the backpack?
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White Nationalist propaganda materials; that's why she has the Dr. William Pierce National Alliance emblem on it.
Her body.
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>trap aggressive toward shy girl

>not girl aggressive toward shy trap


It seems there is also R-18 version just like the monk one last season.
I wasn't even going to watch this series, but now I'm obligated to do so to spite faggots like you.

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I like Chitoge
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me 2
me 4
shit taste, shit thread

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This is your Health and Safety officer for today.
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Why is senpai peeking at her from the bathroom on the bottom left?
Is it Monday already?
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I love Mondays

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