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nude loli.png
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What the hell did I just watch?
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>Wait for days before watching the final episode because "the mood wasn't right".
>Finally get around to it. It's gonna be okay, I've been reading and watching dumb funny shit right before, and the rest of the serie wasn't even that sad.
>Cry like a bitch.
Satelight is supposed to make dumb shit for fuck's sake, they have no right to make something like that. White Album doesn't count.
The happiest girl in the world.
Having the self-sacrifice dialogues all happen with completely tangential characters instead of between the actual main characters, Kutori, Willem, and Ren, seemed really wrong to me. However, they pretty much were written into a corner that way because all goddamn three of them have a martyr complex and would literally just end up in an argument about who gets to martyr for the others if they met. I mean really, the old-god that tried to wipe out all humanity is the one trying to talk Kutori out of sacrificing herself?

It was a good ending in terms of action though, but I really wish that someone conclusively died by the end, if only to put my own jadedness to rest so I could appreciate the emotional drama properly.

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>nothing but fucking garbage bait girls posted 24/7

Get some fucking taste, here I'll start with the top 3 best.
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why these 3 in particular? Also, here is a superior girl
Holo is absolute fucking garbage

Neck yourself asap
Garbage taste

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things that /a/ loves and is over rated
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This boat
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I get it. She is cute and fun. But she is way over-rated. She isn't even the best girl in the show.
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>posts berserk

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So when's the second OVA?
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10 days was it?
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What is this expression trying to convey again?
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its just simple girl going full yandere slowly
Excitement over incest.

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images (6).jpg
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Actually not a bad read at all
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after what happened to his childhood friend, this shit is AOTY for me

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Long form manga are great, but a lot of the best and most creative work out there was never intended to fill a full volume.
These might take the form of a oneshot the mangaka made hoping to get turned into a full series, or a few doodles he's made for his own enjoyment.
Have you read the oneshot that spawned your favorite series? Favorited some random non-H doujin on panda?

To me, this format feels like almost an afterthought on /a/, so I'd like to share a few that I've liked.

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First up is the first chapter taken from Akai Mi Hajiketa --
Hachisu Sensei's Study
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It's part of a collection of shorts

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Nyanko is ____!
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to this day im still mad with the ending

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Who is the best Kaleid ?

Kuro is best bro
Miyu is the cutest imouto
Illya is best friend
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> Illya was a replica cup
> Illya was split in half to Illya and Kuro
> Miyu is the original cup

Illya/Kuro are literally half as good as a fake Miyu.
Literal trash tier lolis and anime is not even good for fanservice.

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It had the best story at least
Horrible cop-out bullshit ending ruined it.
Are yu referring to the time skip or some more specific details here?

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Just rewatched Recollection/Reminiscence/Trust and Betrayal. Would Kenshin have been BTFO by Okita had he not literally been dying of tuberculosis during the fight?
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Saito was the strongest shinsengumi.
No way. Only Saito was good enough to give Meijin-era Kenshin a run for his money.

Okita was a fuckboy

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What are they paying him with?
Botox coupons.
MREs from nam'

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Packed schedule + Random RL drama = CURSE IS STILL REAL

Anyways, here's your super late TLs.
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[Top] A master painter is born!
[Above title] A collaboration between Ramen and Art.
67: Ramen Matsuri
File: 19-54-54.jpg (226KB, 875x1287px)Image search: [Google]
226KB, 875x1287px
[Side] He's the man who boasts having biggest share of Anzu's sales by far, Nitta Yoshifumi!
[Menu] Ramen Rairaiken
"It's so good you can bathe in it!"
Ramen - 700 yen

"What's this"
"Ahh, that's a doodle"

"I made it so I could get some more customers to come by"
"I stick these in front of the station"


What amazingly good taste.

"You're really trying hard there"
"Well yeah"
What a sweet world this is.
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"Oh yeah, what do you normally do, Anzu?"
"Hm, me?"

"I drink tea while watching TV"

"So you're an old lady?"
"What do you mean, old lady!"

"Shouldn't you be doing other things?"
"Like having hobbies, or hanging out"

"But that costs money"
"And I'm doing the best I can to keep my store afloat now"

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Find a flaw.
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Absolutely none
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Beat me to it.
Not pregnant with my child.

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