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What did /a/ make of this show? I like Kanta's unusual arc as an unlikable anti-hero who develops along the way but ultimately sticks to his principles. The latter half of the show took a serious nosedive though

Also, is the manga worth reading?
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>is the manga worth reading?

This is a dumbass question on /a/ it's like going to /it/ with a Harry Potter movie poster and asking if the books are worth reading?

The manga is the source material and very few anime are actually 1/1 with their manga so of course there'd be things you're missing out on.
>The latter half of the show took a serious nosedive though
but that's wrong
The only things I remember are that destiny of the desert was a god-like op, and that the manga had been on hiatus for ages.

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Post Aqua sama
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Best girl coming though
Shitty waifu bait.

What the fuck is this bitch's problem?
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She's a fucking slut, that's her problem
Kyoani made her too sexy.

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Looks like the rage of both Japan and /a/ managed to cancel this shitty hack sequel of Ichigo 100% in just 4 chapters alone.

Thank god. Now my memories of Ichigo 100% can remain almost taint free since the author isn't allowed to drag Ichigo 100% into an incoming sequel trainwreck any longer.


Fuck the author for whoring out Satsuki last chapter and even going so far as cloning Manak's friends from highschool, especially the one with big lips.
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>Fuck the author for whoring out Satsuki last chapter
Not mad, I just wanted more of her.
What was the story even about? Just skimmed through the first chapter and apparently it's just a "and this is what happened with Toujou and who she ended up with" story?

Good taste.
Shitty sequel set like at least 3 to 4 years before the highschool reunion of the original 100% Ichigo epilogue.

What was the story about? Basically nothing.

Also, considering the lack of buildup and negative reception, I still think Aya is going to remain single.

Nobody wants a Manaka clone to end up with Aya in just 4 fucking chapters, an average of 18 pages each.

Look in your heart, you know it is ID-0.
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>furry sentai mechas that talk without their mouths moving
Nobody else besides you and like three other people could stand to watch that shit past the first episode.

Nah, it's Uchouten Kazoku S2.

But ID-0 and Tsuki ga Kirei are a very close second.
>Uchouten Kazoku
Also garbage only watched by a handful of bandwagonning freaks.

From a strictly musical perspective, what's the best/most talented fictional anime band?
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In-universe or by the quality of the actual music?
Quality of the actual music.

Based on my research I came to the conclusion that Maki is the most sexiest LoveLive.
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Sorry anon...I just can't.
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5 cute facts about maki:

- She's a girl!
- She's a tomato!
- I love her!!!!!
- Maki!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 40 minutes left for Violet Evergarden episode 1.
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Only 2 weeks until subs.
>source: light novel

imagine wasting such money and effort on such a pile of shit

and the industry wonders why its failing

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Write it into the Super canon
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>No wish to turn Goku young
>Instead Goku is kidnapped by some mysterious guy from another universe because evil reasons
>Pan, Trunks and Pan's young brother travel through the universes to find Goku
>SS4 is now called True Super Saiyan God
It's more canon than GT.

"hello saiyan-kun"
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Fuck off cunt.
Not much a fan of skinhead girls.

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>hate opening/ending to death
>final episodes
>end up loving the opening/ending
what's her name /a/?
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my musical experience is too advanced to make such immature judgments prone to morphing over time.
Well put, same here.

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I finally went and saw this movie yesterday and I want to discuss it now

I thought it was amazingly Good, I loved every second of it. The story was nice and beautiful, the art looked nice, the soundtrack was great and the animation was good.

I thought the movie was going to end badly, but then the happy ending happened and I was overjoyed
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so how many of you have found true love after watching this movie in april?
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Black or white?
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Why couldn't she become a super popular idol?
Why must everyone forget about her?
That isn't in the list of available options. Sorry!

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lets talk about something good for a change
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It was mediocre.
dude forced animation lmao
Pic not related, right?

Why are the japanese only able to draw evil women in a sexy way?
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Kill me.
Mmmmm sexy
She was not evil. All she wanted is for her sister to stop having terrible visions of the future.

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