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*teleports behind you*
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i dont understand this meme
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that's a pretty funny thread
I hope we can have more of these in the future

ITT: Series that get undue levels of hate
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>season 1 is rushed
>season 2 is shit

It deserves it.
It's edgy as fuck and sometimes you just reach a moment where you ask yourself how the fuck something in it was allowed to escalate to the point its at, be it powerlevels or the aforementioned edge. I think it's the powerlevels that bother me the most.

Despite that I thoroughly enjoy it.
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People fear what they don't understand

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Let's have a Legend of the Galactic Heroes image dump thread!
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>almost in 10th page

If only Kircheis
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What is this? Why is he on /a/?

Whats an anime you really like that you wish more people would appreciate?
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its pretty old now but i think the animation still holds up, i think most people ignored it because it isnt a typical shounen action flick but underrated shows are often the best and its a perfect example of a show that more people should give a chance
I wish more people would recognize the nuance in an anime like Hamtaro instead of mere surface level appreciation
You must be new. S;G is very popular in /a/. There were a lot of threads for 0 and when they released the Cognitive Computing shorts.

What is this? Why is Kana Asumi voicing some fox girl in a literal Chinese cartoon?
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literal chinese cartoons are the epitome of shit. why did the nips even bother dubbing this show?
I didn't know the chinese made chinese(japanese anime) cartoons
huyao xiai hongniang got a japanese dub? I watched like 3 seasons of it, it's pretty fun but the plot makes no sense

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life

小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常

Vol 1 Chapter 4

Previous Chapter:
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How did they get away with making the main character so unlikable that he makes you side with the enemy whenever he's in a fight?
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I almost always side with the enemy in stories, unless they're just as shitty as the MC.
Eren wouldn't be unlikable by you plebians if he won all the time.

I remember back when this shit was still early everyone sided with eren, his hate and actions justified, but he just kept jobbing back to back everyone just turned on him.
He is the best shounen MC
Name a better one

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Ok guys this has been a great ecchi, harem, fighting series so far, how do you think it would end? what will be the madmans masterplan?
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Kanaka will die, everything will be the same as before and then it ends.
shameless self bumpin
Well the existence of the Miko Milf proves that Tsugumomo/Human pairings are possible so end game will be Kazuya/Kiriha and their training to be the exorcists of Kukiri's reincarnation.


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I'm watching DN for the first time

Why is Light such a fucking faggot?
I fucking hate his guts
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why are watching it then? stop

light is the worst character in the series
Its fun and fucking Ryuk is a bro.
I'm enjoying L too even if he's a fucking caricature
light's behavior and his general stupidity is rage inducing, i suggest you stop now or regret it later

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the reflection.jpg
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Will Stan the man save anime?
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He deserves better
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DEEN has been fucking killing it lately though. i wouldnt be surprised if this is a real sleeper hit this season.
>Stan Lee
>Save anything
Son, it was Disney who made Marvel as big as today.
DC shits all over Marvel before Disney bought them.

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This did not go as expected.
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Wow, I completely forgot this had a movie. Did it keep the retarded ending?

I don't know. I've never read the manga. I was happy with the ending.
I watched this like 8 years ago and can't remember the ending.

Is this a good show, anons?
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Short answer: Yes
Yes. Even if you don't like the story, the music and art is better than 90% of the usual seasonal trash.
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A girl says goodbye to people she has met in this island, and takes a boat to another island. Unfortunately her boat runs out of fuel.
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Guy and his friends use their imaginary friends to fight other people's imaginary friends
is it jojo?

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ITT: Manga panels that have given you an existential crisis
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Thats not fair, the second guy has 101%
>people believe this meme
That's the point

I can't watch the last episode without crying
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This ending solidified it as one of my favorites of all time. Wish I could get my friends into it but they think it's stupid and cliche because it's a sports anime about ping pong. Plus the visuals which I think are sexy.
What the fuck nu-/a/?
That's because you're a vagina

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