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She's back, guys.
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what is dis?
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Have you forgotten, /a/?

What are you working on?
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Trying to scan some shit

Any good tutorial to debind scans?
Nothing because in 2 days my efforts will be for naught.
There is giant Kanji that stretch out the globe and covers half of the MC face, how it's supposed I remove it whit out fuck the draw?

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ITT: We play with fire

Yotsuba is not as good as people say

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but it is
she's a master criminal in disguise
Now where did I put my bowl of Popcorn?

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Why did they make L black
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Jew and Nig.

Just another Hollywood production. Forget Ghost in the Shell already?
Probably for the sake of realism, with him not having a father and all.
To make him visibly foreign, but not too foreign

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Trailer was actually kinda good except for the fact that they couldn't find a jap to play Light, nor L, nor Misa, but could find one to get punked by some thugs at the very beginning.

I guess it's to be expected from Hollywood, but at least now I can rest easy knowing Netflix isn't going to totally butcher one of my favorite manga.
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Am I too late to talk to /a/ about this?
Please don't talk about stupid shit on /a/.
You'd have to delete a substantial amount of threads to enforce that

Like it or not Hollywood seems really gung ho on adapting a lot of anime/manga for the west so why is it irrational to want to talk about with people who have actually read the source material?

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How can purity fags even survive this series?
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That's easy one, OP.
Since it looks like girls that get raped by Kall die, there aren't gonna be any used goods. For any character that gets raped, will have to be removed from story, so author is very unlikely to do that to a girl that readers actually like. Only nameless redshirts are gonna get raped and die.
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>there aren't gonna be any used goods
But the main heroine is already used goods too.
this manga has a very bad fashion design

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DMCA shuts down ReLife on Batoto

No more chapters literally at the climax

I want to kill myself
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Season 2 when
boku no google
Read it in another place. There, easy.

>there are people in this board who don't think Peco vs Kazama was the greatest fight in anime history

Explain yourself.
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No you're right.
It's the greatest thing ever.
Really makes me regret that I can't be like them.
The whole episode was filled with those.

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>Vagabond will never be finished
>Musashi will never get laid
Did farming kill this manga?
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I liked the farming chapters.
Epilogue was already shown as his exhibits that he held a few years back. I'm afraid that he's done with Vagabond for good since he decided to show the epilogue despite not finishing the manga in general.
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>I'm afraid that he's done with Vagabond for good
What kind of a man draws hundreds of chapters of a gorgeous manga and just drops it? Did he start playing Idolmaster or something?

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Are you ready for the reboot of the sexy fighters battle stories?
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They claimed to have the original settings unchanged, but they can't get away without tuning the story a bit.
moar Menace plz
Waiting for Melona's reveal.

What the fuck did I just watch and why was it so shit?
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How bad was it?
Looks like a cute animal-ears girl, how bad could it be?
made in china

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What's her problem?
Why is she such a bitch?
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probaly angry that she is forever stuck in a child like body. while her younger sister looks sexy and like an adult

She is the sexiest character in the anime. By far.

In the manga she is portrayed as ugly though, but since ONE is contributing to Murata's version of the manga now, we can assume that she's actually not ugly.

Superiority complex. Everybody else is an inferior bug in her eyes.
Because it makes my dick harder that way.

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>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that watched DBZ without watching Dragon Ball first

What the ever loving fuck? That was my original plan but I'm so glad I watched this first.
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>generic bait green text
Not only are you a normalfag, but you have gone even further beyond by stealing another normalfag's bait thread and reposting it.
Why does it matter? Is DBZ truly unwatchable without watching Dragon Ball first? Like honestly not just your opinion just on an objective level.
Quit spurging.

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Can someone explain this page? I thought the King only has one child and his first time was with her or am I speedreading?
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He has over 9000 wifes or something, we just don't see them in the manga.
He had a son soon before with another wife. You are speedreading.
Being the king he has fucked hundreds of ladies, but kingdom is to qin shorta like the romance of the three kingdoms is to shu, wanking and praise with historical innacuracies

But unlike the wanking of shu I wouldn't like Kingdom any other way

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My wife Hajime is so cute!
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Hajime's hajimes are something special.
I want to something something clever Hifumi's vagina
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Why is this manga allowed to have so many beautiful women?

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