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Just finished the first season of "Working!!", Should I stay with it or drop it. Also Kyouko is best gril
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Did you like it? The writing gets better each season and the character plots actually progress, so if you liked the first you'll like the second. it's my favorite anime of all time
drop. its exclusively le misandrous worst girl attacking mc (omg so tsun!!1) bullshit for what feels like 50 more episodes then it finally ends and you feel relieved
The second season is better. You should give it a shot.

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>D-did you forget about me already /a/?
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But I just fapped to you.
Fuck off, ugly shit.

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>reference to white
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Guess they'll start with some chapters from B2B to reintroduce everyone. Raws are on nyaa
Rie isn't directing though, killed a lot of my interest
There's no reason to watch this when Bungou Stray Dogs exists. It's basically the same show, but Bungou Stray Dogs is slightly less mediocre than Kekkai Sensen.

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Why aren't you reading the Spice Merchant and Wolf Bro isekai?
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read it now thanks
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Here you go anon.
Thanks my african american friend.Saw that the group putting out loads of isekai stuff and thought it would be usual trash but I'll give this a try.

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I don't think a romance anime has ever left me feeling this happy and content in just 12 episodes
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It was good. Avoided a lot of bullshit tropes and didn't asspull at the end and make everything perfect for everyone like I expected. Glad I didn't drop it like I originally wanted to
fucking lineshills
I personally kinda wished the last episode was done better, I wasn't really satisfied with the final half of the last episode, but the credits with the LINE messages killed my heart, the way they kept changing eachother's names like 'my darling' and 'my honey'.

So I saw a few attempts at a thread of this a couple days ago
Decided to watch it and it wasn't bad.
CG is early CG but it's passable enough
I just wish MC got that monster girl Mutio or at least tried to live a happy life with her
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You could feel for those monsters after the conflict was over. They were monsters, but they were also people who lost everything. It was great for its time.

>Watching this on Toonami
>Mutio nipples outta nowhere
>I was recording it on VCR
>Paused the recording at the tits scene

Ah, youth.
Music was good at least.
I think the show would benefit from a remake

Mutio is cute

Surprisingly yeah

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This is old news. We now have the adventures of Kiyoshi, Meiko and Kate trying to track down Mari, and Chiyo basically at the bus stop for the foreseeable future.
>Two hundred and fifty seven chapters

man how time flies.
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Where were you when Panty & Stocking got a second season?

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i don't get why everyone is screaming "Season 2 CONFIRMED!"
It merely says a remix of the theme with (2017) behind it, it could be anything. Another remix album, an audio drama, some low budget ovas like before etc., or heck, just for the expo some music for some boring event
since we already got a continuation in the form of the artbook, i can't believe it.

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Fuck Touta for shitting on Ayano's character just to push the incest route fuck him, basically turned Ayanos character 360 degrees and made her a slut and a possesive bitch just to make the MC and His sister fuck. fuck that author fuck him, and the worst thing is we only got 1 page of the MC and Sister fuck and it wasnt even shown
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I'm thankful, I still fap to her whoring out these days
Did she go further than showing her panties for some old dude to masturbate in front of her?

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play jazz
Provide information in exchange for access to touching fluffy wings.
Use lap as pillow.

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Time for body order and lesbians
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frog girl tsu
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i want to rub my dick against her eyeball
The only good thing about that show
How are you supposed to pronounce her name? I hear a Tsui pronounced but the subtitled say just Tsu.

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these are the audience trigger caters to
notice anything
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They're all wearing t-shirts.

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I heard from a thread prior that they changed the rules in the Death Note for the new Netflix adaption. Is that true?
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This stuff. Is it true?
It isn't 100% sure but it looks like there might be able to be "colateral damage" in the form of people when a name is written. As in, if you choose to kill someone with the death note, that the conscequences of their death can kill others. This is something you couldn't do before.
There might have been something else? But I don't remember.

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Post victors who undeniably won their series
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I got you my man.

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