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What was her fucking problem?
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she was death and couldn't talk. She felt that the main character had a great pain and wanted to sympathize and be friends with him. Main character didn't want her friendship and got confused and bullied to the point where karma fucked him over. It was only after main character got bullied that he realized his mistake and tries to make everything better.
So her fucking problem was fixing main character into a proper caring person and showing him the meaning of life

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just got past this part, how did Togashi get away with O MY DEMON GRAND ATAVISM

seriously this shit is worse with asspulls then HxH
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he jobs at the end
It was cool when I was 12 so I assume it was cool to shonen jump readers.

Kids don't care
>get away with it
well I mean people generally consider this the part where the series took a quick dive downhill but I guess people loved the series enough overall so he's still popular.

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Naruto would actually be a pretty alright series If you removed all the magic eye powers.

Agree or Disagree?
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It's obviously the glaring flaw with the series, but there would probably still have to be something to fill that hole or at that point you're basically saying it would be a good series if it ended instead of did a timeskip
Sort of. Sharingan and Byakugam were cool as fuck at first but they eventually engulfed the plot and all other abilities. I gave up on Naruto pretty early on and only just started watching again with Boruto
It's inevitable since Kishi introduced Itachi and mangekyo sharingan.

She is 41 now, when is she getting married?
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That doesn't look 41.

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You haven't forgotten about me, have you /a/?
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Reminds me of pic related for some reason.
Literally who
what is this and why it's looks like some anime girl

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Is this really the best anime of all time?
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I dropped it on the first episode after 12 minutes.
Watched both series. It's good, but doesn't really do anything special enough to make it the best
FMA 2003: 9/10
FMA Brotherhood: 2/10

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rem 84.jpg
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Post waifu perfection
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rem a generic waifubait shit though
That's the point.
I've never seen another anime girl who has shown her love to such a believable extent.

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What's the very FIRST thing you think of when you see Chino?
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I want to marry her big sister.
My cute wife.
Rabbit hat

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Opinions on this girl?
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Bit of a self centered asshole, but at that same time no point until Kyon nearly smacks her did anyone actually question her.
Yeah, I'd pork her
I mean, that scene did happen really early in the series. KyoAni just adapted it weird.

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mfw Planetes aired in 2003
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yfw Vinland will never get a Planetes-tier adaptation
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2003 was a good year
vinland saga needs an snk tier adaptation, but i feel like it's gonna get the kingdom or berserk tier adaption if it actually does get one.

Have you ever fapped so much to a character (or characters, pic related) that you could probably fill up a bathtub with the cum you've spilled for them?
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More of half I think.
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How did we go from this
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Can creations kill servants?

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fucking retard.jpg
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Anyone looking forward to it?
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everyone should be.

This is my favorite awful manga.
Best part is Kyon's actor is playing the main guy.

Post the anime that gave you the deepest feels, be they happy, sad or otherwise.
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pls respond.
Brought me outta my funk and got me running in the morning, also made me reflect on my life.

This is your parum for the dungeon trip tonight, /a/. Please be good to her!
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Just saw on /v/ it's getting its own gamu
Seems like it would be a boring game. I'm only on episode 7 though, do they ever explain why all these monsters live in this one dungeon?
Because shut up.

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