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She's perfect. She's the perfect balance of chuuni, tsundere, smug and moe.

They finally did it. They created the best anime girl of all time. I fucking DARE you to prove otherwise.
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I tried to OP, but i literally can't
Vigne was better
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>having this mix of archetypes means you're a good, well-written character

I liked GabDrop overall and Satania in particular but come on. It's a fucking 6/10 seasonal SoL to fill up your reaction image folders.

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So why does /a/ hate this guy again?

Him being a loudmouth doesn't mean he's a bad person.
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albert is perfect
That's the guy who cucks the MC, right?
I didn't like him in the first episode but hes alright
seemed like he was going to be another kouenji but they're giving him a little bit of depth

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Which one /a/?
And don't tell me you forgot about these two cuties?
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Where's the chuuni slut?
never watched the show but right is qter
The only one that would rape me if I were to pretend to be asleep

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So how much we will see this chapter? Considering the magazine title it said titan secrets and "reiner flashback"
So what secret could it be?
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I'm sleeping with Isayama and he told me this is how the manga ends.

It's just a trick to get people excited.

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Predict how many kids
[ ] Destroyed
messy hair Carol does things to my penis.

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TL's out
They're getting fatter
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Is Eto insane? Are any of her actions justifiable? Why is her Kagune and Kakuja so crazy? Will she come back?
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>Is eto insane
Not totally insane, but pretty fucked up
>Are any of her actions justificable
Yes, though what she did to yoshimura was fucked up.
>Will she come back?
I would make her insane with the dicking I would give to her
This series went downhill after she left

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who's your waifu, /a/?
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The Best
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Ryuko >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Satsuki

I've finally got caught up on overlord and I've been thinking.

After Momonga changed Albedo's settings/personality. She loved him to "death" (joke intended), but Shalltear also loves him, possibly as much as Albedo. I understand it's because he's the supreme one to them and all.

Albedo and Shalltear have a different kind of love for him and to me it seems equivalent. Compared to the other guardians.

Would Albedo have loved Momonga as she does now without her settings being changed anyway?
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She was programmed to be a slut so she would have also had a pussy boner for ainz senpai. She would only fuel it with her feuding nature against Shalltear and her inherent desire to please the Supreme being of the Great Tomb of Nazerick.

I just think she would be fucking the bone marrow out of every other willing or unwilling male in the tomb while Ainz was away.
I thought I was missing something. I gotta go back to the first chapter.

Thanks anon.

The flaws of the movie are glaringly obvious, but what are the things that were done well and we should've had more of?
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More SoL, more fluff, more fairies. No one wants grimderp stuff.
Not sure about the movie, but the DesDiv 6 cooking episode of the anime was the one done well and the SoL we should have had more of.
The story was more retarded than ever, but at least they didn't jump between genres like schizos this time. That alone was a huge improvement.

S2 should be a plotless comedy SoL.

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I wish Magetta wasn't a part of the jobber squad, I like him too much

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so Setusna is a regenerator, right?
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What part do we cut off to find out?
she looks like that creepy scientist girl studying up on sex and where babies come from in shimoneta.
her testicles

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Can americans make something like this?

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Back to >>>/trash/ with you, subhuman.
>dragon ball pedro
>Not liking Dragon Ball Pedro
>Calls someone else subhuman
Where is natural selection when you need it?

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What's better than a Yotsuba? That's right two Yotsubas!
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I want to pat Yotsuba's head
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Where the fuck are the Vinsmokes right now?
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Jobbing somewhere else
They will deploy the moving snail platforms so The crew can fight on the sea.
Prepping their megazord, Oda won't be able to resist it

although giving it some thought seeing as their are technically villains as far as WG is concerned maybe they have a genetically engineered kaiju

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