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Just got finished watching this.

How hard does she lose in the LN?
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I don't know, I stopped watching this trash after lucifer was an emo boy
So you missed the part where literally every other character shits all over him for being a piece of shit?

Also, hes a NEET, not an emo
thinking about it now parts of the show kinda sucked but whenever I think back about it I just think of the characters and the good parts so I had a better image of it as I forgot about it then it actually was.

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What do you do?
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He slapped the female version of himself on the ass?
If that's your waifu.
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Just letting you know that you have good taste, have a nice day.

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October when?
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so sexy
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Post bully
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Kuma Miko

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Which sister do you pick?
The quiet onee-san with the best ass, or the tsundere imouto with the tastiest armpits?
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Siblings come in pairs.
What in the fuck were they doing before MC walked into this? It doesn't look like they were fucking.
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It has so many usual tropes
>the one-sided love story
>the dense love interest
> the shy tsundere
>the heartthrob that gets all the ladies
> the beach ep, the onsen ep, the test of courage ep, the festival ep
> high school flower petal love scene
> the one character always saying, love-interest -kun
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Because the story don't matter, only the girls do
Good characterizations, gentle parodying of the tropes.
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my princess.jpg
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does Kashima count as girl?

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thank you
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Sensei grew her hair out
and we're telling the same jokes again
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funny how she was brought up last thread too. i just hope we don't have to go through 5 more days of her again
The last "tournament" arc was surprisingly dull. Hopefully this one is better.
Yep; she was way too prominent considering how uninteresting of a character she is.

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They shouldn't have rebooted TTGL after all.
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SBR still hasnt been adapted
I can't believe 4.0 is finally being released next year, so hype.
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I'm going to post this every day until you like it

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I miss Milky Holmes
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i want to milk these holmes
sheryl specifically
pssh, she has an IQ of 10,000 and would never fall for such a trap

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Best movie or best movie?
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Absolute best.
Personally i think its the most boring.
It's pretty great but I like Spirited Away and Mononoke more when it comes to Miyazaki

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It has been 10 year since Joshiraku last aired
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>enjoy how cute the girls are
>none of the girls are cute at all
I love Kumeta and his meta-humor.


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What went wrong with The Asterisk War?
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Yuri spin-off is good.
Not enough Claudia.

Too much Pink Houki and Ichika 2.0.
Claudia a shit.

so who would have won?
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Depends on the setting desu.
A dojo Jin, any other non-conventional environment with some space then Mugen. Both ways it's a close fight.
i think Jin would have won no matter the setting
none they would just eat food and sleep

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What happens when Y2K hits? The birthday disease seems like a prelude for a whole slew of other far worse shit.
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looking forward to seeing scienceman animated. post best dad.
They won't make it that far.

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