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Less than a month to go till Fall Fes.
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If they announce a new series how angry will you be when they say the anime will air in 2020 or later?
Season 3 fucking SOON

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Umm yeah not doing that.
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Your loss.
Feel free to fuck off.
what does the year of a vn have to do with anything
it's not like the medium is evolving

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Why is this fucking anime allowed
I don't watch anime to learn 3DPD stuff or imply that 2D have hairy assholes and bleeding cuts
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Don't watch Galko then?
Kill yourself streamfag
Was Galko a thot?

How will CL save Akira?
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Why are mods deleting the threads when there is a new episode coming out today?
They just don't care.

Are you ready for another BRA flashback chapter?
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BRA is shit.
atleast they're better than LAME
If it means we don't have to see Paradis, then absolutely yes.

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New ep today. Hopefully subs soon.
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Mako butt.
ooooh man
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I like that.

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It's really easy to draw C.C. why don't you try it yourself?
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Help ccreayus to make more C.C. art!
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It's Saturday, time for Symphogear!
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>sherming closed
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>Carol is back
>everybody is singing over her

This is a weird episode.
RIP Miku

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Anybody still keep up with this? The Benio chapter finally got translated. It's rape time.
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Yeah, it seems Benio's sidestory is one chapter every three months though.
I was legitimately shocked when that happened.
Kamui needs to keep it in his pants.
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Can you really blame him after seeing this?

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Who was best girl?
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The middle one.
Satan has spoken.
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>teehee I can delete the plot of whatever I'm fighting
Who the FUCK can stop this absolute madwoman?
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>Drills you from behind
Heh, nothing personel
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>FRESHes you from behind
Heh, nothing personnell

So does Spotted Flower now belong in the same "don't read past volume x" category as Bunny Drop?

Because the early shit is cute as hell, but it sucks knowing just how much the mangaka fucks up later on
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What did they fuck up?
mc gets mad when he remembers that his wife isn't pure and gets fucked by another man to relieve his frustration
>same "don't read past volume x" category as Bunny Drop?
Only for normalfags, Bunny Drop had a perfect ending.

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We all know Hinata was best girl right?
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There was never any contest about it. It's just that tumblrwhales identified with Sakura because she's a cunt.
Only good thing about her is her tits and bloodline.
She was pretty poorly written and relied on retcons to become relevant.
Best girl is obviously her little sister Himawari.
Was fucked by thousands of Naruto shadow clones at the same time. Lucky girl.

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Sir Integra Hellsing has ordered Alucard to slay you. Your only defense is the protag of the last anime you saw.

Are you fucked?
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Well I'd have Alucard, so I guess I'd be fine.
I watched Hellsing Ultimate last.
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I wonder if Araragi with Shinobu stand a chance.
If Kokorowatari can instant kill him then maybe.

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Strap in, boys, looks like we are getting Bonedaddy's Wild Ride.
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Bonedad did nothing wrong. It was all in the name of science.
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That is correct, unless you mean his actual arc and not the flashbacks, in which case you're sadly wrong.
But its better that way, I really doubt they could do justice to the fight scenes in later volumes.
Memes aside, scientific advancement was the means, not his actual endgame. His aim was pretty well-defined: do whatever it takes to survive the Dawn, and save as many people along the way, and being a narehate was obviously the key to that since Year 2K is going to affect only humans and not the native wildlife, which fluffs are also part of. His secondary goal, which is sort of related to the aforementioned, was "rending the curse of the Abyss", and alltogether he strived to colonize it and make the Abyss an actual habitable place.
Does anyone know how many volumes the manga in the end will be? Has alredy been said somewhere?

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