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It's time.
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I love Luffy 2.0.
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Man, last thread was pretty harmless for a deletion, might as well give up for today. Making a new thread just to get deleted is a waste of time, don't forget to make a complaint on /feedback/, lads.

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Here's Chapter 77 (AKA Chapter 76 AKA Chapter 17)
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>Here's Chapter 77 (AKA Chapter 76 AKA Chapter 17)
Whichever chapter is fine, mate.
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Reminder registrations are finally open. Get in while you can
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Why is this any better than AB?
>poor mans AB
Although I got 10TB upload on that site by ratio cheating
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That's weird. The site appears to be up but I get a 404, I can't even ping it.

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Ride is almost over.
What are your expectations for the final episode?
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Altair lets everyone join her new universe.
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Kyo&Gappy Slice of Life chapter(s) when?
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why does araki suck at female characters?
He only sucked at them prior to part 6, and even then he had a couple of good ones. Enya was fun, Tomoko and Shinobu were too.

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I have read that originally the plan was to have the Japari Bus work from the first episode and the driver was going to be Mirai.

How different do you think the series would have been if that was the case?
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A much lower amount of awawawa and other bossu BSODs, although Mirai's makasete might be very cute.
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Kemono Friend's Impact on a.webm
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I made this. Anything I missed?

Yes, I know it's really grainy. It's a gif I had in years never found the sauce
90% different. No mystery of what kind of animal humans are or where they've gone, no history unknown to the characters, information would be presented through Miraidump rather than exploration. Someone in another thread said it would have been more like Magic School Bus and it doesn't sound that off to me.

Probably would have been a decent show but it's hard to imagine things playing out similarly.

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The End Of J/a/pari Park
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guidebook vol 1-5 raw
Volume 1 - https://serena.s-ul.eu/bsZkE1Z0.rar
Volume 2 - https://serena.s-ul.eu/hyTymTZi.rar
Volume 3 - https://serena.s-ul.eu/amzkFPFy.rar
Volume 4 - https://serena.s-ul.eu/wCT2qN3N.rar
Volume 5 - https://serena.s-ul.eu/xioAeAJf.rar
God bless your soul anon

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Which one would you have chosen?
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The only time water starter hasn't been best is latest gen.
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Facts about Gen 1.png
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>BTFO Astolfo
>BTFO Fran
>kills Sieg
>BTFO Astolfo again
>tanks a CS boosted Blasted Tree
>wins against Sieg(fried)

How do we stop this retard?
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Just stab her
Summon Arturia so that she can tell her all over again how much of a shit son she is.
She is a complete failure as woman though. Astolfo is hundred times more feminine than her.

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Boku no Hero Academia Thread

>4chan was right and mirio lost his powers
Idks how to feel about this, why did hori pull this shit instead of killing him off its just sad to see him lose his life goal instead
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>4chan was right
Only a redditor would post like that
I thought Eri was going to get overhauled and explode everywhere and get all over Mirio but I guess the end result is the same
My only gripe is that I am now filled with a void of "what if"

I honestly was hoping that Mirio was a completely shitty person unfitting of OFA making All Might's decision the correct one ultimately. It turns out this isn't the case. He absolutely failed in not giving his quirk to Mirio. It will take Deku years to reach what mirio accomplished without OFA. If he did have OFA he would probably eliminate crime in the entire world. Another thing Toshinori didn't seem to think about is how vulnerable deku is. If overhaul splats him right now OFA is gone forever. This is one of the few powers that seems to be able to match up to the multitude of broken villain powers out there .

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Why do you guys like talking about little girls so much?
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Me second from the right.
Because little girls are lovely and absolutely not dangerous as long as they can't see each other and start creating gangs.

Because the anons either wants to fuck a little girl, or want to be the little girl being fucked.

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yaoyorozu puri.gif
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absolutely momo.png
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I want to fuck momo into a coma
Most boring girl in the manga, with the most creative quirk in it.

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let's talk about buying stuff
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Was this a GK?
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In case any other pervs wanted to look up Yui's skirt
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How can a piec of PVC be so sexy?

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Is Rin out of your league?
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She is out of my dimension
No, I think I can afford a handjob at least.
It's on-topic spam since there is a Cinderella Girls anime airing which makes it okay. Honestly I prefer Rin spam to DB spam.

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Seras 37.png
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Who is the best girl of all anime? And why is that?

>Blonde hair + Blue eyes
>Big tits, nice ass, and wide hips
>Flawless pale skin
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sure buddy
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I vote for Bat.
Only virgins can be turned into vamps dumbo

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