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Good night.jpg
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Did you put your sheep to bed yet?
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>Koharu episode
>Kirara steals it
Best Venus Ark and top 3 Stars.
I wish they'd use the budget on better writers.
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Post what you've been watching/reading recently, and what you think, etc.
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Just finished Burn Up Excess. Thought it was gonna be trash, ended up being surprisingly charming and fun.
I finished Ashita no Joe and it was pretty not that good.

Where should the first movie end?
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After the logo!
Saber's death
Shortly after True Assassin is revealed

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>"Flawless AI Duelist" is the seventeenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It will air in Japan on September 6, 2017.
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5 days looks like forever
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stop downloading thumbnails
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How is VRAINS, I haven't watched it yet?

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Come and make or request /a/rt.
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Tessou Tsuzuri anime design.jpg
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Requesting Tessou wearing Aprile outfit from Street Fighter V.

※ Picture reference:

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Amu Hinamori disgust.png
303KB, 1619x1175px
Requesting this picture of Amu Hinamori to be colored. References: http://imgur.com/a/8pawy
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Tamotsu Denkigai.jpg
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Requesting Tamotsu from Akiba's Trip: The Animation as Epic Sax Guy. It doesn't need to be animated, but it'd be amazing if you made the gif animation. You can replace the saxophone with an otamatone if you want.
Ref: http://i.imgur.com/499gaSU.gif
Also requesting the reaction image in the ref.

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What the fuck is his problem?

No but seriously, what the fuck is he?
Serial killer?
Bateman tier psycho?
Some Elfen Lied tier experiment who escaped?

Dude acts like Terminator.
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Legitimately the best MC of the past 10 years
I thought they showed him as a child in some kind of institute.
He is an edgelord, nothing else.

>[35mm] KanColle - The Movie [1080p] [2F98D8A3].mkv
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Does it have Kashima?
Otherwise I'm not going to bother
At least, it is way more enjoyable than the anime. Having a direction right from the bat helps a lot.
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How much screentime does best ship have?

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>a sweaty tomboy will never wrap her thighs around me
These threads always depress me.
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>still no part 5 announcement
>no jojo fridays to keep us company between JoJolion updates

what the fuck
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Stand name: Beat Crusader
Namesake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6svDxxU4lfw

Ability: The Stand works in conjuction with the user's guitar, and is able to completely physically control anyone who hears the user's music. Works much like the folk tale character, "the Pied Piper."

Sort of like the alternate universe Akira. Pardon my autism.
Stand Name: Flavour Of The Month
Namesake: https://youtu.be/F01fzPwBwc4

Ability: This Stand is not an average Stand, as it is not a combat Stand, but a Stand used in baking, it is able to analyze any pastry, bread or any other baked goods to molecular level, being able to see what ingredients where used in making it, and how to make it even better and mouthwatering.

If it has to fight, it uses its ability [INGREDIENT EXTRACTOR] to dissolve its enemy's body on a molecular level.
This is the last week so something is going to happen

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Translation for KuMeYu Ch.03 is out.

Why is Mebuki so dense?
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At least two girls need to piss themselves in the next chapter.
What if YELLOW OCEAN was originally supposed to be Suzume's character song?
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Anzu SCIENCE.png
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How do we summon JJ?

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Which concept never tried would you like to see in anime?
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An action series set in a high school featuring a group of friends who want to become stronger.
Kinosuke Ryousuke was a regular high school student until one day he visited by a mysterious girl with long hair who indoctrinates him into a cult. School life will never be the same as he is forced by the dark hand of Beelzebub to kidnap his classmates and harvest their blood.
cute girls doing cute things

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1 page thread
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best girl always wins.jpg
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File: v01_p012.png (296KB, 976x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't get it.
Where's Tomo?
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carol please!

>new girl is introduced mid way of the series
>she's turns out to be the best girl

Sorry Karen but I must break up with you.
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I know, right?
Marry Karen.
Take imouto as my mistress.
Living the dream.

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What are the chances that they get married due to some technicality? And what would that marriage be like?
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>And what would that marriage be like?
The definition of nightmare.
Akkun will literally kill himself before that happens
Then Yoshiko lives with the corpse.

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