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More BRA flashback
More titan secrets
97 better be good
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I still think an Annie POV of the Female Titan Arc would be good. I would like to see Zeke and Pieck at Utgard too.
Armin and Eren a shit
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Looking forward to seeing how BA deal with soldier Reiner.

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Results of movie character poll revealed!

>1st - Sakura - 85 votes
>2nd - Illya - 74 votes
>3rd - Kirei - 42 votes
>4th - Miyu - 39 votes
>5th - Shirou - 36 votes
>6th - Kuro - 31 votes
>7th - Kiritsugu - 26 votes
>8th - Rin and Luvia - 20 votes
>9th - Dolls - 7 votes
>9th - Julian - 7 votes
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I expected Shirou first, I guess the Sakura hype thanks to HF is real.
Sakura's always been pretty popular in Japan. Nobody gives a shit about her in the west because the only route of the VN where she's relevant wasn't translated until long after people stopped caring.
>2nd - Illya - 74 votes
But Illya's not even in the movie

Which Hero Academia character would make for the best Artificial Human?

Asking for a friend.
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Her sleeping gas would be top tier on a nomu; you'd need special equipment just to face her in battle.

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dumping manga cause art seem nice
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How can Togashi make me care so much for jobbers like Vincent and Theta but Oda cant
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Togashi knows that if you want people to give a fuck about your characters they can't ALL look like disgusting looney toons rejects.
Because they feel like characters and not like some stupid cardoard cutouts.
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Togashi plays more with the features of the face. A lot of artists kind of just settle for just a few different types or noses, eyes, jaws, headshapes, etc. and just mix and match them but togashi works with a wider range.

He also isn't afraid to make characters ugly, even if they are on the protagonists side. This way you're kept on your toes as a reader, especially in a story arc like this. You don't know who will help kurapika and who will be an enemy. You care about the jobbers because they could potentially be big players in this story.

What's your honest opinion of Belldandy?
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Goddess of NTR.
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She have a sexy sister.

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>people actually like the konosuba girls

honestly there's no point in ranking them, they're all worthless on some level. Darkness is a degenerate, megumin is a flat chested midget, and aqua just begs the question of what constitutes sentient life.
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I know this is bait, but I have to respond.
Darkness' degeneracy is best degeneracy, so she's good. Megumin, I agree with you 100%. Same with Aqua. But Darkness is there, so they're not a total loss.
which hole did you crawl out of? nobody likes Darkness. her character makes no sense at all.
>anime characters
>needing to make sense
Where the bloody hell do you think you are? Anime characters are intended to be SOMEWHAT like real humans; they don't have to be logical, much like real humans. They may not know all their motivations, or care. Just 'cause it doesn't fit your vision of how things should work, doesn't make it shitty.

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That's Dorothy right? I LOVE when she does this!
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Are we going to worship Dorothy in this thread?
How does it feel to have to follow lesbians around all day?

holy shiiit
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Best boy
who is this?
Nobody important. At first I thought it was Higasa, but it's actually nobody important, just a random girl that Araragi wants to help.

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Why are Mexican openings so fuckin good?


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>Be a guy
>shirt fits just right and aren't tied off
>turn into a smaller girl
>shirt doesn't fit and is tied off magically
>shorts are even smaller
Brazilian Ranma dub is better

ITT: Post 10/10 episodes
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i am here.jpg
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That's not an episode

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Pls no Gil
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You'll lose the war though
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Illya is not for sex
Seiba has the best trackrecord HGW and lookwise

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Super Saiyan God is stronger than SSGSS. They're totally different. SSG is achieved through sharing energy with others, SSGSS is achieved by one
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Except that's fucking wrong Pablo.
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Looks like more shit is gonna go down next episode.

Hopefully as the ToP continues we get to see more episodes with tighter pacing so we can have more things happening in each episode for a change.

That Would Be Nice!

Preview Reminder
Here, I fixed it all for you.

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The movie was already quite over the top. How are they going to top that in the Finale?
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Yukari is so ugly
Why does it even need a finale? They can keep doing more stories.
At some point it would simply repeat over and over again, i think.

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This is BBC from London. Today, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Lizardshire participated in a cultural exchange programme, successfully performing a sumo ritual. The loyal subjects of Albion are asking; just what can't the princess do? More news at 11
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I love this japanese dork. Can she get even more japanese ?
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Spent 15 minutes to make this pic, only to realise that nobody's use it
>what can't the princess do?
Tear down this wall?

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