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ITT: Times you're convinced people on /a/ are only pretending to be retarded and couldn't possibly have such shit opinions. I'll start.

>people who actually like Kirino
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People who like Kirino are only in it for the incest. They don't care if she's actually a terrible person.
There is no such thing as "pretending" to be retarded.
People will often say that some random anime girl is literally the worst waifu they have ever seen, but I can't believe as many people like kirino, taiga, or louise as it seems every time they get threads.

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That one girl from a series /a/ hasn't talked about regularly for years, but that you still care about. You know the one

What's her name?
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There were regular threads a while ago, when someone was trying to force that bad dialogue meme.
Hyouka right?
If I remember right I don't think she did anything at all other than one conversation with the MC

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ITT: Anime with 10/10 first episodes but quickly go to shit thereafter.
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Love Lab was good all the way through though.
Mad yurifag detected
Are you insulting Makio?

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Is anyone else going to leave /a/ when Umaru season 2 begins?
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What is /a/?
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I dunno, I think Umaru posting is going to be pretty tame. Unless one autist just starts forcing stuff.
No. I will contribute to the great Umaru shitposting flood. If you don't you are not a true Umarufriend

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>3 minute anime short series
>30 second ed every episode
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Curb your autism, bro. You missed out on Narlko, which was 5 minutes, most of which was reserved for ED.

You got an issue with YnS runtimes?

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A fun chapter today.
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This is the face of a broken man. Say something to comfort him.
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Why don't you come and sail with me? I'm sure some time at sea would make you feel better.
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It will get better soon.

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Fucking shit why is Jimi Hendrix such an asshole? Shiori's improving can't he be encouraging for once yet?
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Because it's Jimi.
Becoming a legend isn't easy, especially when you have less than a year before you die. He could've been a bit more serious about training her before though, since she didn't actually make the contract with him.
I know nothing about Jimi Hendrix or ever heard any of his songs, is he actually as good as the manga says he is?

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Was I supposed to sympathize with him? No matter how fucked things get, there's no way I can believe that one would be willing to kill their entire clan. He could have killed the dissenters and found a way to relocate the docile members. At the very least he could have spared his own mother. Not only that, but his character showed very minimal signs of psychological distress following this massacre. Did he even like his own kind?
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Except that's not the order he was given by Danzo and even if he tried it, he'd be in deep shit with Tobi who also wanted to kill the Uchiha and could only bare to agree to leave Sasuke alive. He had two parties to appease in order to maintain peace within the village and keep his brother alive
I don't get why he gets praised either.
So he decides to betray his family and clan to suck Third's cock. Not only that, he also decides to massacre everyone.

He lets his little brother stay alive BUT he puts him through a 72 hour non-stop torture. His brother gets fucked up for life.

His brother slowly starts to recover from the shit he has been through, makes some friends and finally doesn't think about massacre and revenge all the time. Even manages to resist curse put by a snake pedophile on him.
Then Shitachi appears out of nowhere and puts him through another 72 hour torture and fucks him up yet again. His little brother has his mind broken, leaves his life behind and gives his ass to snake pedophile just to get stronger to get revenge so Shitachi doesn't torture him again.

Shitachi then dies of AIDS and his stockholm syndrome brother is fucked up yet again, his whole life ruined.

I still don't get why he gets so much praise and gets called a hero. If I was Sasuke, I would shit on everyone too.

>Tobi wanted to kill Uchiha

What? Why? Was this in some filler episode?

And yeah, of course that's not the order he was given, that's the point. The order was fucking ludicrous. If he didn't want to oppose Danzo and side with Uchiha (which at that point, I would have) he could at least have spared those closest to him and killed the rest. It just seemed unbelievable. It's not even like he was that close to those in the village. He was closer to people in his clan.

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How is she only 11 years old?
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For the love of fucking christ, learn how to use paint dude, I gagged a little.
That's how I looked at 11!
What weak nation do these anons come from

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Can we post girls that would kick our asses? I just love women that are warriors/fighters and don't act girly.
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>It's a world where a literal war of the sexes would be settled in 20 minutes in favor of women
If that were reality it would suck horribly, but in 2D being tenderly dominated by a woman like Chifuyu would be just fine.
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She would kick /a/ in her loli form.
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they all do it on purpose.jpg
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Why can't women ever eat properly?
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When have you ever seen a 3d woman do this
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I don't know what you're talking about.
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Anastasia Nasuhara.gif
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Really good taste.

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Tomboys should ALWAYS win
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Not if they are ugly.
good thing sexhair isn't
agreed wholeheartedly, anon

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Will they at least kiss anytime soon?
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Hishiron is pure, anon.
Stop trying to defile her.
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I've been waiting for too long. I need Kaizaki to make her a proper woman already.
I'm getting real happy that we are close

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Post 'em

Shot Composition:
Background design:
Action animation:
Character animation:
Digital Processing:
Character design:
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You really think half the people on /a/ knows what the shit you listed even mean ?

Next time ask for best girl, best imouto, best fan service, etc
>Shot Composition:
Princess Principal
>Background design:
Made in Abyss
>Action animation:
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu
>Character animation:
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu
>Digital Processing:
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu
>Character design:

This season was fucking garbage.
This >>162122936 But 18if for every category anyways including best voice acting and best OST.

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