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Book burning?
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Wait, is that Iroha?
Details or didn't happen
Haruno wins? Hmm, not bad.

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What if it turns out that Eri is like 30 or 40 years old and Overhaul just keeps overhauling her into a kids body to keep her weak?
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She's still cute.
It won't matter after she's turned into a noumu.
it would be fucking bullshit and will make me ask "if she had years of intellect why doesn't she just plan a strategy to fuck them over?"

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How different would the Cinderella Girls anime be if it was focused on the JS + JC + Anzu idols?
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Why Fate Flopocrypha is the lowest selling Fateshit?
It needs to rely on mobage extras at this rate.
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Probably because A1.

And Jeanne is a shit heroine. She need to be BLACKED to be salvageable.

Not enough focus on Sisigou. Nobody gives a fuck about generic anime protagonist #342 and totally-not-saber-guys-we-swear.
It's not selling because it's bad.

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Scanning some of the interviews from the Little Witch Academia Chronicles book.
I'll put them all up in an imgur folder when I'm done.

Here's Yoko Hikasa's
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Carro Brillante
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They seem childish and aimed at women, am i missing something?
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Baby's first anime.
They are like disney films if disney films were good and made by Japanese.
>am i missing something?

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This woman agrees to become your wife and submit to any perverted wish you have, but you're gonna have to provide for her retarded daughter. Do you take the deal?
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Fuck no. It probably takes a ridiculous amount of money to raise a retard. Not to mention, she's already in her forties, she won't look that good for long.

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I do not usually like dubs, but there is a vast amount of shows i only watch dub.
are people that say subs are the only wat to watch anime and that "all dubs are trash" just people who didnt grow up on dubs?

as in, people who probably are new to anime?

let us discuss dubs vs subs...?
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OP here, i think that a large portion of dubs do not contain any real emotion, making the them bad. on top of that, the translations are sometimes waaay off, making the lack of emotion far worse.
or maybe the bad translation makes dubs lack emotion?
The vast majority of voice acting in anime, both in English and Japanese, is trash tier voice acting. But weeaboos who don't speak Japanese can't tell how bad Japanese voice acting is, so they fall under the impression that only English dubs are trash.
Check mine, then fuck off and kill yourself.

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Op is ningen sucker.
You're garbage.
Death Note OP 2 is really a pleb filter.

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Who is best couple and why is it student counsel prez and the delinquent girl?
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I only watch this show for the comedy duo.

I want to see Chii happy
do you like having blue balls?

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scanlation thread?
my sleep schedule is fucked, cleaning some pages at 3 AM because why not
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Waiting for my translator to translate the next chapter so I can typeset it
scanlation thread? scanlation thread!

when dungeon meshi is release date?

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candy or coffee?
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Why are these girls so ugly?
why choose when you could have both?
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What's probably the final PVs for the movie are out.
Too bad camrips never and the BDs are going to be fucking half a year from now.
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At least we have half a year before Zerofags latch on to this.
Why does she look so ugly

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Is it Fennec or Fennecu?
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is it Japariman or Japaribun?

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What does this expression try to convey?
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>how disgusting
>my hand is stuck
>fuck my life
Please do not use localized titles.

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