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How do we fix the magical girl genre?
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change it to magical girl (male)
Hit yourself in the head enough times until you go back to the mentality of a child.
Get rid of the monster-of-the-week format and stock footage.

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Class: XXXX
Alternate Classes: XXXX, XXXX, Etc
True Name: XXXX
Alignment: XXXX

Strength: X
Endurance: X
Agility: X
Mana: X
Luck: X

>Class Skills:

Skill (rank)

Personal Skills:

Skill (rank)

Skill (rank)

>Noble Phantasms:

Noble Phantasm (rank)

Try to make one for mostly anime/manga characters. And please remember to keep their parameters and NPs within reason, don't slap EX on all parameters since something like that wouldn't even be remotely summonable.
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For someone that has literally no knowledge of Fate and how its shit works, what are class skills, personal skills and noble phantasms? how do parameters work?
try type moon wikia and write "servant"

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How many chapters do you think this arc has left?
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Wano surely cannot be in October
how will the reverie fit?
Is Ookclicia his siter or what?

I really wish Berserk had stayed more to the dark medieval/grimdark tone it used to have in the earlier chapters. It was so different back then.
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Miura is in his Fifties now, you can't expect him to remain an edgy twenty-something forever.
Besides, the manga isn't even over yet. Be patient.

constant monster gang rapes would get old FAST
Why not? It works well with Goblin Slayer

six months without new works

It is bankrupt now!!!
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Anyone else hyped for 3Gatsu? Will be nice after the last couple shitty seasons.
Aren't they working ong the F/E anime

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this show was the shit when I was a kid
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>this show was the shit when I was a kid
Fuck you for making me feel old
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tenchi muyo.jpg
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Kimi To

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Neco-Arc is fucking shit.
TYPE-MOON definitely peaked at Carnival Phantasm.

Incredible that they've just been milking Fate for over a decade now.
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Carnival Phantasm 2, when? I thought Type-Moon and Lerche did an awesome job with this show. They should bring it back. Just pull from any of the newest fate properties or whatever.


What will she look like after those 63 years?
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That's an intriguing question.
Are we ever going to see her again?
Of-fucking-course. It's One Piece.
Yeah, in 2-4 years

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It took 1004 chapters but it finally happened.
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Should've dumped his ass 17 years ago
Did it really? I dropped this shit years ago for the same reason I dropped Ippo.
Forgot this existed.

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Did he deserve it?
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Yes! Yes! Yes!
Maybe not at the end of the series. At the end of Rebellion, when he couldn't leave well enough alone, yeah he did.
Is it even a he?

Okay, am I the only one sensing "don't trust this bitch" flags all over her person?
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Kushida a best.

Whorikita a shit.
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Horikita a best.
Dude, she's Kushida but without the bitchy side. She's actually pure and help people. An angel, if you must.

New trailer for Free! -Take Your Marks- just dropped
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I thought this anime already ended.
More Tokyo house hunting

You will never be Free.
Is this a movie or some OVAs? It's split into 4 episodes or something

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>not a single isekai show next season
Is it finally over?
Has Japan finally woken up?
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SAO III is coming. This is merely a quiet before the storm.
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>SAO Movie DVD in a few days from release
>finally over
>Japan realising that they have the shittiest taste

You are the one to must wake up
Is Umaru not an isekai?

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>Spectators always gets blown to bits
They should start working on better safety measures for generic shonen public.
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If there are still people buying the tickets and if no one bothers to sue you for failure to live up to nationally required safety standards, why bother?
>fighter beats up the opponent
>continues to beat up the audience too

I'd watch it
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Don't you just love audience participation?

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Author of Initial D starts new racing manga called MF Ghost
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Soon it will have its own "she wants the D... the MF ghost D".
Welcome to two weeks ago.

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