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When will this bitch-ass-senpai-loving-defeating-Yomo-asspull-sheman going to die?

Other than that, is it Suzuya or Mitsuki's dagger that hit Touka? If she or Hinami dies we riot.
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My bet's on Suzuya. Mutsuki SHOULD still be busy with Yomo
Not even Ishida can write a yandere character right. Wish Mutsukis goal was to just reunite the Qs not wanting to fuck Haise.

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Post your favourites
Mine is Ninamori's USSR getup from episode 3 of FLCL
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Captcha: Pound call
Anything the Joshiraku girls wore was great
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hot pants.png
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ITT: post your literally me
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>literally me

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TTGL is literally the best anime of all times and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that fact. Accept it. Embrace it.
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Embracing things is gay.
I enjoyed TTGL. It's wasn't the best anime ever but it wasn't shit, it was good.
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That's not cardcaptor sakura

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How do I tell if a comic has good paneling?
I oftentimes hear people talk about the "flow", but I don't quite get what they mean.
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if you can keep up with it and not get confused by the order of the panles the paneling is good
The whole strip is build around this particular idea of paneling so it works.
However it's not very clear and would be tiring for the eyes if it was used over many pages.
now post the while thing, I wanna be disgusted.

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Is this really what japs think of bong cuisine?
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England having the worst food in the world is commonly brought up in Japanese media
british food is generally accepted as the worst out of any developed or developing country

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Say hello to Altair, the new queen of powerlevel discussions.
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Who knew memes would make the ultimate power.
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Say goodbye.
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Why does Hachiman understand Iroha better than he understands Yukino and Yui?
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They have similar philosophies, even if they came to different conclusions.
That is, Hachiman sees everything as disingenuous, so he chooses not to play the game, while Irohas sees everything as disingenuous, and does everything she can to make sure she's rigging it in her favor.
Because Hachiman believes nice girls to be hidden bitches, and Iroha is actually just that. Which is why I ship it.
What are you on? 8man understands Yukino more than he understands Iroha. 80% of 8man's proses and monologues in regards to Yukino are about understanding or trying to understand her. And even when he misunderstood her, he eventually comes to understand her via development.

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you wouldn't court this spaghetti monster, would you?
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I want to couche avec cette terrible frenchman.
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She's the waifu we deserve, /a/.

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New thread. Please keep all discussions related to SNK, not to the posters. All character wank shall be left at the door.
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.
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They made the right choice abandoning their child.
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For starters, here is the cover of this month's BSM. The text says we will get Reiner's past, which is confusing because I thought we already got it but okay.
You failed on your first post, anon. Please read the rules and lurk more.

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How does get to be as beautiful as Lapis and Lazuli?
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>Cell returns
>He absorbs Marron and 17's child to become EVEN FURTHER BEYOND PERFECTION
What if Marron ages slowly because whatever cellular enhancement 18 had got passed to her too?
Why did beerus shit on Krillin for getting out after dropping like 4 dudes but Tien gets praise for drawing? Like wtf?

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Anyone still reading this? I remember seeing constant threads back in 2014.
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The manga was the best thing to come from that shitty web novel. Sao Satoru knows how to scratch my 90s manga nostalgia.
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Yeah I've been religiously following the manga for a while now.
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Once they go to kill the dragon the story stops being shit. Current arc is the best so far. We came a long way from denying Nanking.

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Nope. Not happening. Nuh uh.
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Carol's Mom Please!
>chibi Carol kissy face

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Chapter 90!
One more and we're done with the backlog.
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Arai-san no papa nano da! Kore de ii no da!
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delete this
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stop uglifying the friends.
Tell that to Yoshizaki

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