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Murata's stream is on, looks like he's drawing fanart.
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Thats a nice Cammy

He has been sleeping for 7 hours already.
oh hey, and now he's up.

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What are /a/'s thoughts on ZR?
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The contemplating man's fetish.
Best fetish.

It's so common nowadays that it has lost a bit of its edge. Thigh highs used to be my thing, but I see them on designs so often now that it just seems "normal". Kind of like how miniskirts are worn so often in anime that the idea that the girl wearing them should be a walking pantyshot doesn't come to mind.

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He wasted 15 years on a crappy manga and all it got him was a spiteful reader base, a broken shoulder and cancellation.

If I were talentless like him I'd probably regret the things I made too but I'm not so I don't.
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He got a lot of money out of it so I doubt it.
Well he's fucking rich... so probably not?
The royalty cheques for Bleach must still be fucking huge.

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Starting with 19.5
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Fool anons to pick up a manga by posting a single page
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Kono Oto Tomare!.png
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Hakoiri Drops.jpg
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2nd gig
Snk has the best ops of all time
Outlaw Star

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Why don't you like Minmay /a/?
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Ever meet a hot and charming girl whose self-absorption was matched only by her slavish devotion to her abusive boyfriend, and it was pretty clear that any affection or even human consideration you extended to her would only serve to make it that much easier for her to arrange to have you mugged?

To be fair, the abusive relationship thing didn't happen until later. Most people hated Minmay before that.

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>reading bleach
>everything good, get to 600+ chapters
>suddenly everyone starts speaking niggerish
>turns out it's mangastream translation
why do they do this
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now you know why people call them niggerstream
Maybe they're trying to stay somewhat faithful to the way the characters are speaking in Japanese? Japanese has accents and slang just like any other language.
Who knows

What was his fucking problem????
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The guy who solved the Kira case

Beato is the best protagonist.
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does this kiss slut know how babies are made?
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>how babies are made
There used to be a time when people would have phrased that "how babby is formed".
I'm not sure if I'm grateful for your reminding me of that.
read the filename
I'm going back into my cave.

Actual best girls
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fuck off
Fellow haruno friend
i want to fuck haruno neesan

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Here you can make or request /a/ related art.
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how to destroy /ic/?
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Can I get this but with Tamamo and/or Hakuno or Nero? Thanks.
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Requesting Riko, Reg, and Nanachi as Rico's Roughnecks from Starship Troopers.

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Is Nen unironically the most complex power system in the history of anime and manga?
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