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Only a few more months until Cat Paradise
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Who is the best kitty and why is it Coconut?
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Coconut is close, but best kitty is Chocola
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What parts of Vol. 1 are you hoping to get animated?

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New chapter surprisingly early.
More Galko being cute.
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>that Charao sweater
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Spoilers in 10-15 hours, more flashbacks and titan secrets, what will it be?
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>mfw another Trost flashback
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Reminder that Grisha was a great father and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy Marley shill.
>replying to a bait thread

Fairies soon
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Too soon
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Obligatory saggy goat tits!
Your waifu is shit. My waifu is bet- oh wait.

She didn't show up.

This scene gives me chills from start to finish every time I watch it. There's so much given to us in such a short preview. The utter destruction of the leaf, the implication of Naruto's death, the fact that they're both covered in god slayer tattoos, Bort's homolust for Sasuke (still wearing his headband, the cape, the sword). There's just so much to look forward to and speculate about. What're your thoughts?
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Unless you talk abou who is best girl in series you won't get much boruto discussion here.
Anyway I agree with you. I'm anxiously waiting to see how the story goes from the happy go lucky series it is now to the utter destruction and devastation of the future. I think Boruto will have lots of trials and tribulations.
They should have cut their losses and ended it after episode 480 of shippuden, everything after that, including Boruto has been low-quality filler populated with boring and unlikeable OC's; the only redeeming feature of the Boruto series is the nostalgia from seeing how the old generation minus the wandering autist have matured and developed.
they should have eneded after pains death and before nagato revived everyone

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Ruri deserved to win more than Kirino.
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what does winning entail?
Kuronezumi deserves someone better than Kyousuke.
Something other than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAt4g76EIiQ

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The saiyan prince is back
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Tomo please!
>tags: oyakodon, incest, femdom, rape
Have any of you guys ever run a marathon before?

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Hey /a/, how do you plan to defend your lolis? Or are you just going to lay down and grovel when they come for them?

Me, I'll fight for my right to love lolis.
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>waiting for them to come for your lolis to defend them
>not actively waging war against normies as preemptive measure
We should fight non-violently as long as possible while preparing for the worst.

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Ohayo /a/, I'm a witch and I can cast a spell to make your manga/anime related wish come true

Post your wish ITT and if you believe it will come true
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I wish Junichi would dump Yame.
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TV please.
I don't need you, a believing heart is my magic!

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was hot pants getting turned on here?
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No, but Johnny was.
Does anyone have that pic where Koichi's guts are ripped out? Need it for research purposes.
Take your fetish elsewhere.

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would you hitori a bocchi?
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I'm not into selfcest
I'd rather hitori an Aru.
Aru's literally a miracle of the universe.

>10 episodes in
When does this get good?
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Don't go in expecting a 10/10 masterpiece like the normalfags will tell you, it's a ''comfy'' show so if you don't like it now you probably never will.
Never. Gun X Sword is the better western anime.
1 episode in.

Preview for episode 10.
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It was the right choice.

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You may not like it, but this is what peak Type-Moon performance looks like.
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that'd be FGO though
Haha get the hell out of here.
Fate peaked with F/Z. F/GO is the puss coming out of its rotting corpse

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Is there anything more pure then a delinquent falling in love?
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Seems trashy but picked up anyways.
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>MC was going to walk away from her being attacked
The main girl is adorable but I have the feeling I'm not going to like this.

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