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> 1. He is 14 years old.

> 2. His father had abandoned Shinji after 3 years of not talking to each other, and 11 years of living apart.

> 3. He witnessed the death of what seemed to him to be the last person who loved him: his mother.

> 4. Three of his closest friends have all been severely injured or changed in a way that he knows he can do absolutely nothing about and the only thing he can do it watch it happen.

> 5. Nobody has ever said “ I love you” to him, nobody has ever shown what its like to be kind or loving towards him. He has no idea what love is and he can’t love back because he is greatly afraid of being hurt.

> 6. He has fallen into a suicidal depression, But then someone comes around and connects with him. Tells him that they love him for who he is. Shows him that they are willing to throw away all of their humanity for him. And Shinji ikari falls in love with them, and trusts them so much as to that he tells them about his childhood and his father. He has never told anyone that. And to his horror, that person requests for Shinji to kill them. The only person to ever say “I love you” to him, he had to kill.

> 7. Literally the entire world on the verge of extinction is falling apart, and he is put in charge of saving humanity from the apocalyptic demise of their world.

> 8. Shinji Ikari is 14 years old and has the weight of the future of humanity put on his shoulders in a fight he knows that humanity cannot win. And yet despite all of this , he continues to fight.

How in anyway possible is this boy weak?
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Fuck off with this crossboarder meme.
eh, a lot of people have issues, Auska saw her mom hang herself, before that she was crazy and wouldn't accept her.
Auska turned out shitty too but not a giant pussy.
The problem with him was wanting to stay in his depressed comfort zone and for people to validate it. He wouldnt help Misato when she was there trying to help him over and over again. She bent over backwards for shinji.
Shinji had a problem of only seeing his pain and not conforting others.
His problem was he takes and takes and takes, kind of like a some homeless person for change. They take the change but instead of saving it and get back in to society they spend it on more drugs and alcohol and have no intention of being part of society. That's what Shinji does with his problems, even the eva was trying to help him and all he could do is say it sucks, it's hard. He sucks away people's emotions but when they snap he doesn't help them, he feels he cant. Shinji got a raw deal for sure, but at least he had people there for him. Just pump the kid with prozac and throw him in the damn robot already!
Except the only people around Shinji are even more messed up than him.
Misato never had a proper childhood and so gets drunk and tries to live vicariously through him when she's not ordering him to risk his life in the giant death machine that it's made very clear he is absolutely terrified of.
Asuka is a mental wreck who is lashes out and pushes people away and only judges her self-worth by her Eva pilot training, but in the real world battles, Shinji is better at it than her.
Then he has the ice queen Rei, who never does anything she's not ordered to do until the very end.
His father most certainly doesn't want him to get better. Gendo's whole gambit is to keep Shinji mentally wrecked so that he will initiate Third Impact.

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How come Rin could revive Shirou by replacing his Gay Bulged heart with a new one made on the spot but the only way to heal this girl's legs is to win a fucking Holy Grail War?
They have many competent magi in their faction, they even have a humunculus factory and a Caster servant among their ranks, but are we expected to believe somehow they can't make her a new pair of legs?
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I was under the impression her wish was going to be to restore her legs in a way that doesn't destroy her magic circuits as I think she says healing them otherwise would destroy them.
Since when does healing magic destroy magic circuits?
Again, we've seen a more complex healing feat in the original Fate and it was done by a fucking teenager that didn't even specialize in healing magic.
Kotomine also presumably opened up every inch of Sakura's body to remove the worms and then healed her, yet she didn't lose her magic circuits.
>How come Rin could revive Shirou by replacing his Gay Bulged heart with a new one made on the spot
Doesn't Shirou have Avalon?

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What wouldn't I this Saber?
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whoever pulls me out, King of England, etc

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this is the best anime ever made
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Lain is anime vapor wave and you know it
vaporwave is regurgitating old aesthetics. lain just made its own
> lain just made its own
EoE did it first and better

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You've summoned Mordred!

What is your first course of action?
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See I can lose my virginity to her.
Throw a fit and trade her for karna
Hold hands.

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absolutely shameful.png
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>beat fubuki in a gaming competition
>rule being the loser had to do what ever the winner wanted
What do you want her to do for you, /a/?
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fubuki is for pure, don't do this anon
Get me an entire subbed dvd set of iron chef japan and the new seasons too.
give up hero life

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Kyoani know what they're doin when they actually try

Would you look at the time, it's rape o'clock.
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How does he keep getting away with it
so what's this about?

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Would you raise a good daughter of Mafuyu?
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Remove cowtits
Is Mafuyu the most masturbated-to character for /a/?

Even femanons got off to her.

God, what the FUCK Shinobu.
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She was trying to antagonize Araragi to get him to kill her. Though she's a people-eater to begin with, eating the guy was natural for her anyway.
She only becomes Shinobu by the end of the movie, retard.
She's a big girl.

Did you enjoy it?
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You ruined the joke

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The fuck, I didn't even know the hiatus ended. What was it, 4 years?
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I guess he FINALLY got sick of drawing porn and doing nothing
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>tfw he draws his porn better
Drawing under a schedule and editor will always cause increase in workload.

Considering how long he's been out, it wouldn't surprise me if there's a dip in quality

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Find a girl more based than Lum.

You can't.[/spoiler}
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Macross is just a crappy Gundam ripoff

It wont last
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Found her (him).
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I love Lum!

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Rei-chan will win, just watch
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hope she does, the other bitch annoys the crap out of me
Is this getting updates again? I feel like I'll have kids go to college before this ends.
2 updates in 2 days !
Literal Christmas in July

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Ok decided to rewatch DBZ because I watched it as a kid and don't remember shit. Already watched DB not too long ago so I am good on that.

So Do I was DBZ or DBZ Kai? Which one will give me the proper experience? Sub or Dub?
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>even mentioning the dub
Might be a good idea for maximum childhood nostalgia idk.
Read the manga.

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