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Precure Thread

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rip biburi
she was too good for this world
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reminder to brush your teeth regularly
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Fit this song to a Precure.


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Yukari a dog!
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>voiced by Taneda Risa
Isn't she supposed to be dead? Or did they do a Persona 5 and just use old audio clips or something.
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Maybe she recovered. There's more GochiUsa coming up as well.
She only got fully replaced in Fate and Working so far.

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not really
Another fine thread brought to you by nu-{a}
I liked that pasta and wanted it to stay.
Is a bit of an exaggeration but the past is not all that wrong, the lack of concern and shame of Tomoko when talking about her hobbies triggers Nemoto.

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Friday night is here, let us party the night away together! Post gif/webm of dancing anime girls!

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best DJs!
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Crab birthday!
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Happy bday crab

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This is literally food for little children why does every anime pretend it would be something special?
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shut the fuck up
I swear to god i'm going to beat you up
>This is literally food for little children
You mean you can't enjoy the dishes you liked as a kid anymore?

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Is Mari Kurihara the sexiest woman in manga history?
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Quite possibly, yes. Definitely the sexiest woman rapist in manga history.
It was an act consented to by both parties.
The fact she had a secondary goal doens't make it any less so.
Under false pretenses. That's rape in a legal sense.

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Who or what can stop them?
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Apparently whoever picks what sources they adapt. Since they're all terrible.
Sale numbers.
the inevitable dying of Anime industry in the years to come

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New translated chapter.
With the dad on the house the mother can now release some of that sexual frustration right?
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I remember there being color versions of these two pics but oh well.
Why does no one know where the new raw chapters are?
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>Cares for him
>Araragi saves Shinobu
>Shinobu saves Araragi

Why the fuck didn't Araragi end up with Shinobu and ended up with the shitty Crab instead?
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isn't she going to be there forever in his shadow tho? on the long run she wins no matter what
Don't worry, in the end she's the real winner of Araragibowl
Anon you know girls and guys can have trusting friendships without fucking right?

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Lilina is too precious
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I just picked this up. Does the fag ever get assigned a girl?

This show is making me irrationally angry. Never before did I have to pause so many times in a single episode, let alone a first episode.
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At least you understand you're being irrational. That's a good start.
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>literally US GAMERS the show>>159931837
There is a bunch of elements that one can relate to in the show, but it's just weird that the school idol would throw her status out in the wind just because she wants to play games at school. Let alone she would stain herself by approaching the class weirdo.

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Shhh, Homura is sleeping.
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Quick shoot her in the head!!
gonna pound her pink asshole

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Have there been any recent pee scenes?
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Full of maggots right?

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Hentai quotes thread
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I wish real life came with a single-player mode.
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Why there so little manliness on anime/manga lately? Why all the males MCs are so feminized? Do japanese girls don't like testosterone?
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Usually, the "manly man" of the group is just fodder.

For example in Hunter x Hunter Youpi is a relativly minor character compared to Pouf and Pitou. Japan just doesn't like manly men
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>Do japanese girls don't like testosterone?


manly characters get lusted after by gay guys instead. like me
Also, characters who try to act manly are treated like a Joke.

I can understand a manga for kids making fun of that, but seems like japanese society as a whole despise it.

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